Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 4K 1972 big poster
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 4K 1972

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 4K 1972

Bob Clark
Alan Ormsby, Valerie Mamches, Jeff Gillen, Anya Ormsby, Paul Cronin, Jane Daly, Roy Engleman, Robert Philip, Bruce Solomon, Alecs Baird, Seth Sklarey, Bob Sherman, Curtis Bryant, William R. 'Bob' Smedley, Debbie Cummins, Gordon Gilbert, Peter Burke, Chester Phebus.
IMDB 5.3
File Size: 40.63 GB
Film Description
The six friends arrived at the cemetery, dug up the corpse, and began to perform the ritual of reanimation. When they finished, they found no change. One of them, with his head bowed, decided to make a joke out of frustration and began to mock the deceased in every way and to say blasphemous words. The devil had had enough of all this, and he revived the corpse and the other dead men, who in practice began to prove the guys wrong...

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I wonder if Geneni Film Distributors ever imagined that such a controversial film would come under their wing. It's kind of like a zombie movie. But to see them, you have to rewind the film for exactly one hour and four minutes. That's when it begins what fans of the genre love most. And everything else before that you can safely skip, because there is nothing special important about those sixty-four minutes.

And that is what is sad but, at the same time, logical. Ninety percent of low-budget films have the problem that just before the mass annihilation, the characters either have sex or don't-know-what they're doing, or communicate as if they were patients in hospitals for mentally disturbed people.

All of this, of course, is what makes low-budget movies what they are. Talent, of course, can, and for 73 euros to shoot a very interesting movie, including about zombies, but the bulk of the filmmakers from the peasants for some reason goes, though well-trodden, but very curvy path, making films that are 'widely known in a very narrow circle of cinephiles.

And here's another typical detail. If some of them don't care what the main characters should say, who among them should be alive and who is dead, and simply score on the plot, being satisfied with a banal thrash, then other filmmakers pretentiously try to stick their handiwork in the standard framework of the classic zombie-movie. And if they had any originality in their idea, it often disappears under the pressure of stereotypical filmmaking.

It is important to make one observation here: not everyone will be happy to watch a movie from end to beginning or with no plot at all (Buñuel and Dali waving their hands from their surrealist clouds). This, in a way, justifies not the most skillful filmmakers. After all, if one goes in for an experiment and makes a very unusual film, the risk may well not be justified. After all, there is always the possibility that the release of experimental films, the director will not collect money, and knuckles from those who have allocated money for the movie, and disapproving hooting from the audience still get. And so numerous artisans rivet monotonous 'cinematic films' on the type: young people 'party' - young people die. After all, this provides some kind of stability, and then, you know, the money will come back.

Alas, this is all very, very unhappy. Nevertheless, with each new film I hope to see a new Romero, or Fulci, or even Raimi, or at least Carl Lindbergh, who in his only zombie film was able to use his talent as a movie maker by about eighty percent.

I won't go into detail about this creation, but I will say that in 1973 Bob Clark was able to shoot just about as well as he was doing thirty years later. Bad, but not so bad that it's impossible to watch...

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 40.63 GB
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