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Spaceballs 4K 1987

Spaceballs 4K 1987

Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks, John Candy, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, Daphne Zuniga, Dick Van Patten, George Wyner, Michael Winslow, Joan Rivers, Lorene Yarnell Jansson, John Hurt, Sal Viscuso, Ronny Graham, Jim J. Bullock, Leslie Bevis.
IMDB 7.1
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Film Description
The President of the Planet Space Eggs sends Lord Dark Helmet to steal Princess Vespa. In return, he wants to get all the air from the planet Druidia. Only Lon Starr and the great Yogurt can stop the evil president and destroy the Space Eggs planet!

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The earliest full-blown Star Wars banter, personally sanctioned by Lucas and sponsored by his studio ILM. And at the same time rode on 'Star Trek', 'Alien', 'Planet of the Apes'. More film and recommendations are not required to become legendary and stand at the comedy connoisseur in the video library. Because believe me, there is something to laugh about here.

Images. 'Lone Star' is a space cowboy parody of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker with Indiana Jones elements (this is Bill Pullman's second film role) and is the foundation stone of the film. And Pullman does not fail in this regard, a little inferior only to Rick Moranis, who plays a little villain in black and glasses, who loves to yell at his subordinates and play with dolls. I do not recommend showing it to Darth Vader - Rick's ridicule turned out to be uncompromising and flawless. John Candy played Chelobaku, half man, half dog, who is his own best friend. And, looking at his work, it becomes very pity that the comedian died without giving the world a few more funny films. Because he is a master. Finally, there is the equivalent of Princess Leia, only she sings the blues here and cares a lot about her hair. For some reason, it seems that the experienced actress Daphne Zuniga did not copy Carrie Fisher when she played, but created the image of an eccentric princess from scratch.

And the surrounding space Some of the film's jokes are called 'on the edge', as they are not far from vulgarity. It is enough just to look at the city 'Spaceball' (with a capitol on the main building) and in the background of Lord Slam. Mel Brooks' jokes in hints, in plain text, except perhaps the question 'How many morons are on this ship?', Drowned out by a loud 'I!' crew. Separately, I would like to note the inscriptions at the electronic periscope, since the Americans do not understand exactly what the unknown symbols 'dog-cat' mean. It's a trifle, but it's nice that the Russian Jew Mel Brooks has not forgotten either Russian or Jewish roots (the planet Druidia is read similar to the word that can be translated as Zhidia). It should be noted that this branch of the pedigree in Brooks' comedies appears without fail.

To create the film, they borrowed such trademarks as 'Mercedes', 'Pizza Hut', 'Valium' and changed the name of the sparkling water into 'Perri-air', and the company of these brands is made up of goods with the brand 'Spaceballs', found even on toilet paper ... In addition, Mel Brooks willingly shows his previous films in the video library, where you can see how many Rocky films will be released in the near future. Even fans of 'Transformers' will find something to check out in this film. And the last component is music: there are popular melodies, orchestral tunes and the song 'Spaseballs' composed especially for this picture. It's like an extra highlight for Mel Brooks's deliciously delicious pie.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 49.42 GB
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