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Highlander 4K 1986

Highlander 4K 1986

Russell Mulcahy
Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Roxanne Hart, Beatie Edney, Alan North, Sheila Gish, Jon Polito, Hugh Quarshie, Christopher Malcolm, Peter Diamond, Billy Hartman, James Cosmo, Celia Imrie, Alistair Findlay, Edward Wiley, James McKenna, John Cassady.
IMDB 7.1
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Film Description
In 1536, the Scotsman Connor MacLeod was slain in battle, but mysteriously resurrected, and his clan banished him. McLeod's teacher was a Spanish nobleman who explained that they belonged to an immortal race of warriors who could be deprived of life only by decapitation with the sword.

The battle between Macleod and his eternal enemy the Mound, which began in sixteenth-century Scotland, continues in present-day Manhattan. The fate of all mortals depends on the outcome of this battle. It is part of a duel that goes on for centuries.

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The year 86 marked the birth of yet another saga of heroes. This time it was really immortal and about the Immortals. And as always the first part, originally conceived as something whole, complete, had a certain success, gained cult status, as a result of which it was decided to shoot the second and third part, and then the series... 'The idea became a tradition ' and lost all its charm. Such a fate alas awaited many films, especially those of a fantasy-heroic nature.

In front of the viewer for almost two hours unfolds the story of the extraordinary life of Connor McLeod. And the director departs from a linear narration and the action, beginning in the present tense, will be interrupted now and then by the main character's memories of the past, as a result two worlds are recreated in the film. The first, the world of the past is 16th century Scotland. The second is the world of the present. Life has changed, only they, the Immortals, are destined to remain the same. And each of them has one goal - to remain the only one to get the promised reward.

But Connor has a tragedy in his heart in addition to his goal. He wants love and at the same time is afraid to love. He doesn't want to bury the ones he loves anymore - it's too painful, too hard. Connor is not devoid of humanity, which makes his character dramatic.

I was initially put off by the beginning of the film - the slashing, the screaming, the crowd's desire to see someone fall and bleed, but then, drawing parallels between the past and the present, you look at the scene differently. If before people fought for some goals and ideals, now it is for the amusement of the audience. Sad, but such is the truth of life.

So that's what we have:

Perhaps Christopher Lambert's most memorable role.

One of the most charismatic and crazy villains played by Clancy Brown.

Unforgettable Scottish scenery ("Braveheart" was definitely filmed somewhere nearby).

One of the best songs ever heard in a movie is Who Wants to Live Forever 'Queen'.

One of the best films of its kind, capable of pleasing both male and female audiences.

The film now seems old, a little dusty, a little pathosy, but still so familiar. The special effects, of course, now look a little plush, so it is better to discount the age of the picture before watching it. But it's nothing - the film has its own special atmosphere, spirit of freedom, battles, and in the end - nostalgia for the 80s.

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English SDH, French.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 71.38 GB
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