Interstellar 4K 2014
Interstellar 4K 2014

Interstellar 4K 2014

Christopher Nolan
Ellen Burstyn, Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, John Lithgow, Timothe Chalamet, David Oyelowo, Collette Wolfe, Francis X. McCarthy, Bill Irwin, Anne Hathaway, Andrew Borba, Wes Bentley, William Devane, Michael Caine, David Gyasi...
IMDB 8.6
File Size: 77.81 GB
Film Description
A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival. Movie Interstellar 2014 in 4K Ultra HD. Download movie on your PC or UHDTV. When droughts, dust storms, and plant extinctions lead humanity to a food crisis, a team of researchers and scientists is sent through a wormhole (which supposedly connects regions of space-time across a great distance) on a journey to surpass previous restrictions on human space travel and find a planet with suitable humanity conditions.

In the meantime, in China, the cinemas have started watching old films Harry Potter and Interstellar, we are updating the film, it will be on the main page, we wish you a pleasant viewing of Interstellar in 4K Ultra HD.

Interstellar 4K Review
The theory of everything.
How difficult it is, perhaps, not to break down under the exorbitant weight of threatening ambitions, especially when it comes to 'the most anticipated film of the year' - this is how Christopher Nolan's last work in the cinema fanatic environment was called this way and in no other way. There is little benefit from this hysteria. Do not expect 'everything, and at once, and more', because blockbuster is the last word that comes to mind when trying to somehow describe 'Interstellar', because the intellect here clearly outweighs even such a chic external design. No matter how it may sound, we have a truly multifaceted and complex film that can be adequately perceived in several different planes, and the maximum effect will be achieved only if you are able to look deeper.

In the not too distant future, humanity is in regression: high technologies are no longer as important to us as the primary need for food. The profession of a farmer is becoming one of the most respected, and this is not an easy craft, because for certain reasons nature is no longer our friend - one by one, whole plant crops die, refusing to give a crop. Against this background, the former pilot and now farmer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) receives an offer to join an expedition designed to test potentially habitable planets in another Galaxy, the passage into which in the form of a so-called 'wormhole' has recently opened in our solar system ... While the expedition is busy searching, Dr. Brand (Michael Caine) here on Earth will have to complete his research and development, as a result of which he plans to find an effective way to transport the world's population to a new home. But if suddenly he does not find it - on board the interstellar spacecraft there is a sufficient supply of the earth's gene pool to start the population from scratch - this not a rosy scenario is called 'plan B'. As a form in his latest work, Nolan uses such, relatively speaking, a 'fantastic' plot, in which, however, there is much more modern scientific research than any fantasy of its creators. True, it was also not without the second - but more on that later. At this stage, it is worth saying that the scenario is really very tightly based on modern physics and existing theories, and uses a lot of scientific terms - so if, say, you do not know what an 'event horizon' is, and why time slows down when approaching a black hole - it makes sense to prepare yourself a little before watching the movie so that you can understand what the characters are talking about.

Behind all this physics and mathematics, of course, there are real human destinies, feelings and experiences. The film even at the beginning, before Cooper's departure, devotes a long time to demonstrating family interactions - but there, in the 'ordinary' earthly environment, it looks quite commonplace. However, as the plot develops, emotions and the factors that generate them gradually take on a completely different form - here Nolan confuses this tangle, consisting of the imperfection of our psyche, instincts and feelings in relation to others, much denser. Emotionally, the film turns out to be very strong - and without any convention or fake. It will be here that one of the most memorable scenes will be, one that produces such an effect thanks to the breadth of talent of the magnificent McConaughey. After it, there is no doubt that the viewer will remain with the hero to the end, no matter what. Nolan allegedly contrasts the cold soulless space with the warmth of real human feelings, emphasizing their significance. In this regard, I would like to note that, probably, not everyone will understand the culmination and its rationale, since here the plot leaves the path of science and goes, in the literal sense, into the unknown - without spoilers it is difficult to talk in more detail, so I just recommend not to take this allusion literally, and focus on how it makes sense. It is also important to read between the lines and see things in perspective - and then you will notice a lot more logic than it might seem at first glance. But there will also be an ambiguous ending, leaving behind mixed feelings, and pouring in new subtext where, it would seem, everything is already laid out on the shelves.

Interstellar is striking in its multitasking and coverage of the topics covered. To some extent, this is also a minus, since the ideas included in the script would have been more than enough for three or four films. Because of this, it is not always perceived smoothly, and at some moments it even requires some effort and concentration when watching. But it is worthy to accumulate so much food for thought in one film, albeit three hours long, by the strength of a few. Not to mention how effectively the painting works at the upper outer level, combining visual and sound images. Visually, the film is not at all like modern digital blockbusters: shot on film and with real decorations, it generates a completely unique atmosphere. The same applies to the sound range - Zimmer clearly caught the mood: the sound is old-fashioned, non-trivial and bright. This amazingly deep, beautiful auteur cinema is Nolan's long-awaited odyssey that will remain in memory for a very, very long time.

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Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1, 1.78:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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Note: English DD=narrative desc...

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File size: 77.81 GB
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