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Uncharted 4K 2022

Uncharted 4K 2022

Ruben Fleischer
Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, Steven Waddington, Pingi Moli, Tiernan Jones, Rudy Pankow, Jesús Evita, Georgia Goodman, Diarmaid Murtagh, Joseph Balderrama, Serena Posadino, Alana Boden, Jonathan Failla, Anthony Thomas, Peter Seaton-Clark.
IMDB 6.4
File Size: 54.72 GB
Film Description
Nathan Drake hasn't seen his older brother Sam in 15 years since he ran away from the orphanage. The lad is working as a bartender and is out doing petty theft when Victor Sullivan, nicknamed Sully, approaches him and offers to go in search of Magellan's long-lost treasure. Upon learning that Sully knows Sam, Nathan agrees to the adventure, hoping to find his brother as well.

4k movies reviews
A light summer uncomplicated, naive, empty single-issue, well-built teenage action-adventure film. Not as inventive, deep and clever as 'Treasure of the Nation'. Not as sweeping, popular and iconic as 'Indiana Jones'.

Just a movie. Just entertaining. Pretty good. Watchable!

Before us is an ordinary adventure quest movie, based on a popular computer game with the main movie star of the entire planet in the last few months in the foreground. By and large - nothing surprising. As a matter of fact, the film does not bring anything new and surprising, unless you count flying five hundred years old ships... And those, probably (I haven't played the game), were already in the game... Not bad trailers. Three cool famous actors (Holland, Wahlberg, Banderas). Fan-base of gamers + fan-base of 'spider' already secured at least, and that, you should agree, nowadays, oh, so much!..! But never mind, let's get down to business! I will dwell on the main points about the film:

- It is easy to watch. It is interesting. It captivates. There is no sagging. Everything seems to be in order... Only there is no genius and something new, either! Revealing secrets and steps from mystery to mystery - the level of creativity and seriousness akin to a kindergarten - and this is slightly upsetting. The carelessness in the sense of cops constantly absent from the frame during thefts, fights, hooliganism, disorderly conduct - also refers to the impossible nowadays, especially given the stuffing with cameras and surveillance devices everywhere and everywhere. Even in the finale, the cops don't show up to lightly chase down a cargo helicopter with questionable guys, but rather for background... and the tradition of the Hollywood action movie genre... All in all, besides the cops, the point of the movie is not profound - just plain popcorn entertainment;

- Tom Holland, of course, is handsome! The release of the film - no need to be a genius - was originally shaped by the predictably successful third part of the 'Spider', so a new project with his participation on the not cooled down glory of the Marvel Project - was a phenomenon expected. We must give credit to Tom - there is no 'spider' in it! Probably the fault of the melky dark hair (just kidding!) and a more serious and focused face, rather than the usual trilogy of grimaces. He has a serious face, not the usual trilogy's antics. He brags about himself for the first third/half of the film, showing off his beefed-up body or falling in love with his erudition and agility. True, in the remaining two-thirds/half of the film, Tom's soloing is blurred by the participation in the frame of Mark, Antonio and two female characters, as well as two 'Scottish fists'. Wahlberg, by the way, is the BEST at all! Almost playing in neutral with facial expressions and gestures and with Tom Cruise's Russian voice - unparalleled acting and falling in love with himself than a young modern star!

- The picture quality, for some reason, was not the sharpest in the theater. The special effects are average - I wish they were better! The staging of fights and different twists and turns is rather good and effective, especially when Holland is involved, but they probably took not even the fantastic 'spider' for realism, but rather... the cosmically fantastic and unrealistically impossible universe of 'Fast and Furious' of the last ten years... For the word 'physics', the reality, the force of gravity - were obviously not in the film's script. Even Duncan McCloud ("Highlander") should be the envy of the luck and tenacity of the main character...

- The theme of boobs, unfortunately, is not explored... (Although everything seemed to be going for a light love affair...) However, there was no room for bloodthirstiness, blood and quality shooting. In fact, even out of a couple of obvious murders with the use of the coldest weapon - the first was not shown, the second was shown in the form of a thin, barely perceptible stream of blood. Needless to say... One can see with the naked eye the desire to seat as many schoolchildren and young people as possible on the viewing seats (remember, the restriction is only 12+...).

...Will the film manage to make it to the box office? It's hard to say... I think it all depends on the covid. If there's a ban in the theaters, the film will make a little more than a borderline. All bans will be lifted - I think it will go in a good plus, but the grandiose record breaking, as the third 'Spider' obviously will not. Nevertheless, it seems, the sequel - to be. My prognosis for the studio is fairly optimistic.

For me - the film is good. Certainly not a masterpiece. I enjoyed the recent 'Nightmare Alley' much more and... better. As, however, from the old 'Treasure of the Nation'. The film itself is fairy-tale-like and childlike, reminiscent of Disney's good movie adventures - in the spirit of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (to which the film has a ghost story, by the way) - only kinder. I personally did not regret watching it! And I wish you all the same! So, friends, don't be lazy and don't doubt - it's much more interesting to watch movies in cinemas than at home - no matter what LCD or plasma screen you have.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (52.0 Mb/s)
Resolution: Upscaled 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: Dolby Digital 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 2.0
French: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Portuguese: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1 (640 kbps)
Thai: Dolby Digital 5.1 (640 kbps)

English, English SDH, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified), Mandarin (Traditional), Thai.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 54.72 GB
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