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The Big Ugly 4K 2020

The Big Ugly 4K 2020

Scott Wiper
Vinnie Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Ron Perlman, Nicholas Braun, Leven Rambin, Brandon Sklenar, Lenora Crichlow, Bruce McGill, Dan Buran, David Myers Gregory, Stephen Marcus, Elyse Levesque, Joelle Carter, Leilani Barrett, Nathan Neorr, J. Gary Thompson, Kevin Crowley, Patt Connolly.
IMDB 5.0
File Size: 53.67 GB
Film Description
Neiln has always been a loyal aide to London-based crime boss Harris, caring for the problems and people that are getting in the way of his illegal business. When Harris makes a deal with an old friend, the American oilman Preston, they find themselves in West Virginia. After signing the contract, Preston throws a party, and in the morning Neiln discovers that his girlfriend is missing. After some time, he finds her corpse in the river, after which he finds out that the girl was last seen in the company of the wayward son of Preston.

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Once a tough big-time man from London had to launder a lot, a lot of money. For this difficult and time-consuming mission, he took a herd of his sixes, a couple of dissolute virgins and moved to the historical part of the United States of America. Apparently, the southerners, with their confederate and foundations, have better money than the British colonists. Be that as it may, a serious carve-up for spheres of influence on both sides of the ocean is ripe, because we are not talking much or less about black gold, oil, that is, based on this, the deal should either enrich both sides, or leave one of them not in business. Or even multiply by zero all those seeking justice and those who do not agree to recover from criminal inclinations. Fortunately, there is money, and considerable, pounds sterling in a millionth equivalent, these are not the sums with which it is worth poking your nose on the lands repulsed by hellbilly. But, if your boss is Malcolm McDowell, and you are Vinnie Jones, then, in principle, you can take a chance.

Shortly before the end of 2020, I saw a promo campaign for the film on various pirate movie resources. Of the whole trash clip of sandwiches lovers, parasitizing on their former glory, only Ron Perlman was interested. Firstly, because Ron is talented, and even such a genre of the same type as direct to dvd, he is able to decorate with his charisma and breathe new life. What can not be said about Mac Dowell, recently he has a haliurite as a guest celebrity. Playing in the second-rate horror films, and his last mainstream, if you can call it that, the project was '31' by Rob Zombie, and after him Malcolm did not particularly flicker anywhere. Age all the same, and the former glory feeds, in the form of delicious buns for trips to geek conventions. But not the point, Malcolm is talented and remains one of my favorite actors. Also interesting is Jones, Guy's friend who is Vinnie, in the movie poster he is located in the center, which kakbe hints at the fact that the role of the story is based on his character. Eric Roberts is still missing for the complete concept, you get the idea, right?

The effect of the participation of the bison in criminal films, combined with the potential, can be completely different. Simply put, from outright nonsense to curious and even high-quality material.

Big ugly is positioned as a crime movie with a pretense of drama. Schematically, there is conflict, intensity and morality.

Logically, and following from the synopsis, the conflict starts because of market relations, in which something went wrong. This is following the logic. In fact, the director made a romantic knight's move, sent questions of the exchange of oil and banknotes, and other scale to the devil's grandmother, and shifted the emphasis to a much more everyday problem of fathers and children, with a strong touch of southern flavor. In terms of color? What comes to mind when you hear the word 'southerners'? That's right: the confederate flag, eateries, whiskey, revolvers, rednecks, a redneck in pickup trucks, and also mutual responsibility in the state, the rule of shadow power and other very useful, but already well-worn topic. And the exploitation of the Redneck theme is funny because it does not bother me, at least to me, since it is very interesting to look at British bandits among the Appalachian mountains.

However, I'll start right away with the pluses of the picture.

Delivering camera work, plus locations, the good old, dirty South, without a hint of morality, detailed Vasyuki of the old America with all the flavor it deserves. Where an epic battle of the titans unfolds on a stripped-down scale. This is me about the performances of the Pearlman-McDowell tandem. Their participation is the highlight of the film, because they interact. It is clear that all the dialogues will give off tons of pathos ahead of time, but it's nice to look at it, you won't drink your talent as they say. Thoughtful, gray-haired, and extremely weighty, everything would be fine, but they just lack the good old ultra-violence. Isn't it Malcolm? There are no complaints, when you watch it, you perfectly understand that the age is already already, this is about McDeull, and the actors are not going to jump above the bar set by the director. Pearlman organically looks in the role of the owner, the gray cardinal of the district, who decided everything from whom. The problem is that Vinnie Jones is not sticking to this tandem.

A friend of the British lads simply does not understand what to do, and unfortunately does not give out the hardcore expected from him. Instead, a ton of existential experiences and unnecessary introspection are brought out to the public. Which is in fact inappropriate. The error of character development, IMHO, is that Nilin was suddenly humanized, making a whiner out of a mercenary, ready for anything, and for any actions, beaten by life, because of which the original image of an unshakable killer crumbled into atoms. Unfortunately, in the course of the play, the image is not aligned, and Vinnie models all his conceptualism of the character, starting from the scheme 'See I'm Vinnie Jones'. It is felt, and therefore does not deliver. And somewhere in the background a dancer puffs in the form of McDowell and Perlman pushing pompous speeches.

The antagonist is stereotypically primitive, and does not need to be disclosed, his motives are clear after a short scene at the very beginning of the film, and the entire structure of the character is explained in detail by Ron Perlman along the way. Why is it not interesting to watch the latter, because it is predictable. The lack of action is lame, and too much attention was paid to the southern beauties, I forgot that Vinnie Jones, who was distributing punitive therapy of justice, should be in the foreground. And so? Walkthrough cinema, never British, but fortunately you can watch.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (67.7 Mb/s)
Resolution: 4K (2160p)
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

German: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, German.

File size: 53.67 GB
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