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Shrek 4K 2001

Shrek 4K 2001

Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson
Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow, Vincent Cassel, Peter Dennis, Clive Pearse, Jim Cummings, Bobby Block, Chris Miller, Cody Cameron, Kathleen Freeman, Michael Galasso, Christopher Knights, Simon J. Smith.
IMDB 7.8
File Size: 62.41 GB
Film Description
There lived a great green giant named Shrek in a fairy-tale state. He lived in splendid isolation in the forest, in a swamp, which he considered his own. But once an evil little man - Lord Farquad, the ruler of the magic kingdom, mercilessly drove all the fairy inhabitants to Shrekovo swamp.

And the green giant's carefree life came to an end. But Lord Farquad promised to return the swamp to Shrek if the giant gets him the beautiful princess Fiona, who languishes in an impregnable tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.

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Shrek and his retinue have long been a mainstay component of any social network, and now it is difficult to find people who have not at least heard about the brainchild of DreamWorks. But is Shrek's franchise so simple and linear, is it so funny to watch the deviance of the "evil, green ogre" and how much has this tale retreated in its satirical wrapper from modern society?

Creation of Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson "Shrek" started back in 2001 and was far from the best, even at the time of release, in terms of visual, cliché characters, if you look superficially. The only clue that in our latitudes made a cult personality out of a green good-natured is geks and a harsh, sometimes up to facepalm, disgusting satire on Disney and all its ins and outs with princesses, princes, dances, balls and other set of things from which even children fall into to sleep as unnecessary. We will not delve into the plot, I would like to consider just the drama, a four-part epic about social "ignorance" and falsification of an unprecedented sociopath, its role in a disgusting fairytale world.

Shrek. Who is Shrek? Green, scary, always stinking both verbally and non-verbally, an org who has long been putting on self-affirmation and measured his position as a deviant, asking a little - not to bother him and the swamp, eating all his interesting rubbish, secretly sad from everyone and looking at the stars ...

You might think that he does not care at all about the role of the antagonist, he likes to run and scare all sorts of pseudo-daring rednecks, but is that all?

The cycle of these films is so good that he interprets Shrek with full confidence simply as a local owner, with apathy looking at other spheres of activity, ridiculing the environment, capitalism and power, mocking all these "ideal princes". But all this only seems to be. In fact, our GG - depressed in places, from that and evil PERSON, much more than the rest, became exactly what we see at the beginning only because the "face" did not come out (by analogy with racial discrimination). Under the role of a wide toad, a very soft and vulnerable MAN is hiding, who ate so much shit in his swamp that he really does not want to continue, proving to a stereotypical society other formulations of life. This is a very subtle satire on a stupid herd, running around with torches and not at all delving into the meaning of their actions. This is a ballad from stupid princes raised in greenhouses by caring mothers. A mock manifesto just on ourselves, interpreting through the prism of stupid metaphors that sometimes you can not pay attention to the opinions of "authoritative critics" at all, but simply listen to your heart, forgetting about the social role of your seemingly regulated life. The whole completeness of the colors of this film is that our green goblin was not afraid of his feelings, did not continue to be faint-hearted by society, found the strength in himself for great friendship, pardon those whom God had not already awarded with intelligence in order to be where he should has always been. And all this is not even for himself, but for the sake of the one who helped him understand this. This is exactly what the first two parts are good for, which worthily completed this, without irony, the legendary franchise that taught at least a little analyzing children the basics of democracy, the disgusting segregation and other many important things that are so important in life. The third and fourth parts were practically unnecessary. But while the cow was giving milk, she was milked.

Just applause for the ever-topical masterpiece, which after many years looks interesting, with "smoke" and tears in his eyes.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 62.41 GB
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