Bahubali: The Beginning 4K 2015 Ultra HD 2160p

India Tamil 4K
Producer: S.S. Rajamouli
Cast:Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah Bhatia, Nassar, Sudeep, Prabhakar, Rajsekhar Aningi, Gabriela Bertante, Bhanu Sri, Tanikella Bharani, Nora Fatehi, John Kokken...
IMDB 8.2
File Size 17.78 GB
Film description
Tamil 4k movies download of full movie Bahubali: The Beginning 2015 Ultra HD 2160p. Story Bollywood film: An injured woman with a baby in her arms runs away from armed soldiers. Realizing that she will not last long, she raises the last prayer to the gods and asks to save the child's life, and she sinks to the bottom of the river, holding the baby in her outstretched hand over the water. The next day it is found by local residents and decides to adopt. Years later, the boy turns into a strong and tall Shivud, endowed with incredible power. One day he finds a mask and decides, at all costs, to find her owner, not suspecting that she belongs to the beautiful warrior Avantika, who with her whole clan is trying to rescue Queen Devasen from the captivity of the tyrant Bhallaladeva.

4k movie reviews
To Indian cinema, I'm very indifferent and without much attention, although at one time I reviewed several hundred films from Bollywood, and when I came across a full movie, Bahubali: The Beginning 4K thought - and why not - and watched the film.

I'll tell you honestly - I did not expect ...

As I wrote in the title, the film is a mixture of the Lord of the Rings, 300 Spartans, Alexander, Troy, and even Gladiator. All this is mixed, fastened with typically Indian techniques - dances, songs, religion, a twisted plot and unexpected twists. This all creates a truly interesting picture, from which I do not want to break away and I want to continue.

I will say a few words about the characters: the main, the main characters are revealed very well and some very original ways that not everyone will notice, but who will notice - will love more and will be more worried for them.

You can say something about castes, but this is an Indian film, they do not have bad actors - girls are outlandish beauties, and men are incredibly courageous, strong and truly Heroes with a capital letter.

But, nevertheless, I will also say that I did not much like it, not even what I liked, but it was just striking and causing a smile - it's computer graphics, which was periodically very bad and too much cut my eyes.

In general, the film is very cool and I advise it to watch!

I recommend download full 4K movie Bahubali: The Beginning 4K Ultra HD.

Tamil TrueHD 4K Ultra HD AVC X264


I really appreciate the feedback, write in the comments. Will you be interested in Bollywood movies in 4k?

File size: 17.78 GB

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sathiyanarayananc22 August 2018, 14:29
ALL MOVIES OF 4K CONTAINING TRUE HD... DTS HD...AND DOLBY ATMOS and DOLBY 5.1 ... but this movie AUDIO...? 5.1 or 2 Channel
4kmovies22 August 2018, 14:48
ALL MOVIES OF 4K CONTAINING TRUE HD... DTS HD...AND DOLBY ATMOS and DOLBY 5.1 ... but this movie AUDIO...? 5.1 or 2 Channel
 audio 5.1

sathiyanarayananc22 August 2018, 16:05
I downloaded and checke it shows as AUDIO CODEC:OPUS audio bit rate 32 kbps.... i have video audio are seperate HDMI CONNECTED to TV and receiver any audio will display on the receiver ... hence it shows as PCM and i checked through DESK TOP COMPUTER also and played with ALL PLAYER it says 2 channelonly...BAAHUBALI MOVIE is fantastic on AUDIO.. Request you to re upload the AUDIO as 5.1 MOVIE AUDIO IS REAL EXCELLENT the 2 channel audio is spoiling

There are 4 Tamil films showing in the 4K HD CLUB  ... out of 4 only BAHUBALI is 2 channels .... and all other 3 movies ... Kadaikuttisellam, tamizh padam, and theri has 5.1 channel..Hence please upload 5.1 channels forBAHUBALI .. as the musicmost important in the BAHUBALI MOVIE
4kmovies22 August 2018, 16:12
SATHIYANARAYANAN, Thanks for the detailed description of the problem, I will now check
sathiyanarayananc22 August 2018, 17:50
Thank you very much... 

sathiyanarayananc23 August 2018, 10:50
DID YOU UPLOADED 5.1 AUDIO .. Pl confirm
Nizam23 August 2018, 21:50
Plzz provide more bollywood and hollywood in hindi dubbed 4k movies... Thank u 
If u have hollywood  hindi dubbed in true 4k quality with dolby plzzz mail me.. Again thank u
4kmovies24 August 2018, 12:44
SATHIYANARAYANAN, Hello, I apologize for the long response .. Unfortunately, I do not have in the collection 4k version of Tamil with Dolby 5.1, but there is a version 1080 Hindi c Dolby 7.1, if interested, I added a link

Nizam, Well, in the future we will add Hindi 4K bollywood and hollywood.
sathiyanarayananc25 August 2018, 20:03
Dear sir .. Thank you for your response .. i appreciate the truth... My suggestion is AUDIO IS SEPERATE FILE... this is not at all linked with 4K or 2 K.hence... Try to get Dolby 5.1 of Tamil...if not available... try to get Dolby 5.1 of TELUGU as definitely is available... I am interested either in Tamil or Telugu 5.1 audio as i do not know HINDI LANGUAGE.. Thanks for your effort... IF you get 5.1 DOLBY OF TELUGU will be WONDERFUL... as that is original clarity of the movie as the FILM PRODUCER, ACTOR DIRECTOR and all team from TELUGU FILM INDUSTRY.. SATHIYANARAYANAN +919841159888
sathiyanarayananc26 August 2018, 09:32
Also i suggest you to upload Bahubali with original Telugu AUDIO 5.1 .. to BLURAY WORLD as BLURAY PRINT.. MANY PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED TO WATCH 
4kmovies27 August 2018, 18:05
shanmuk30 August 2018, 07:18
please upload bahubali the conclusion.

kamalghotra4 January 2019, 01:39
hi.... do you have movies available in hindi language?
4kmovies5 January 2019, 00:52
Quote: kamalghotra
hi.... do you have movies available in hindi language?

Hi, in 4k unfortunately not, but there is on Hindi in 1080p
Raj2 March 2019, 05:14
SiR please I Requst You To Upload 2.0 Akshay Kumar in 4k
ram7 August 2019, 21:14
Telugu version 5.1 channel plssssssssssssssssss
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