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The New York Ripper 4K 1982

The New York Ripper 4K 1982

Lucio Fulci
Jack Hedley, Almanta Suska, Howard Ross, Andrea Occhipinti, Alexandra Delli Colli, Paolo Malco, Cinzia de Ponti, Cosimo Cinieri, Daniela Doria, Babette New, Zora Kerova, Paul E. Guskin, Antone Pag?n, Josh Cruze, Marsha MacBride.
IMDB 6.4
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Film Description
As soon as they do not call New York - both the city of contrasts, and the city of the yellow devil. What is that, but the devil is enough here. An elderly police detective who has to investigate a series of murders of young women is especially aware of this. Realizing that he is missing something important, he turns to a young doctor of psychology for help.

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By the beginning of the 80s, the famous Italian director Lucio Fulci stopped delighting the public with his paintings, but in 1982 he still managed to make, in my opinion, a very successful giallo 'New York Ripper'. Moving away from the more familiar to himself mystical component of the plot, using which the most famous works of Fulci were filmed, he decided to create a horror detective, similar to the famous films of Argento and Bava.

Turning to his early painting, Lizard in Woman's Skin, Fulci intelligently borrowed from it a number of factors of a good horror film. Naturally, these are bloody murders and 'nude' scenes, which abound in the 'New York Ripper'. The result is an excellent basis for building an interesting, gripping storyline filled with a fair amount of suspense.

Although the genre of jallo itself does not bring anything fundamentally new, each time presenting to the viewer a crazy maniac killing people in various ways, it is still interesting to watch the actions of the characters on the screen and fascinating investigations of murders, spiced with cruelty. In general, the 'New York Ripper' satisfies the whole concept of giallo, and personally I think that it will not leave any fan of the genre indifferent. Although it will certainly leave a lesser impression than Argento's paintings.

The murders in the film turned out to be very brutal and realistic. Fulchi demonstrates a perfectly set dismemberment with a knife, a blade that sometimes gives goosebumps. In addition, the plot of the picture sweeps through the most sinful brothels of 'New York', where debauchery and lust reign, plunging the viewer into this dirty world. Both superbly created fertile ground for the emergence of a sex maniac who kills women.

The heroes of the picture turned out to be rather ordinary personalities. It is only worth noting the policeman - the main character, who in his free time does not mind using the services of prostitutes, and the maniac himself, who decided to play with the first in a deadly game. The image of the killer turned out to be quite typical, and he appears here far from the beginning of the film. Naturally, the most important trait of a maniac is 'quacking' when talking on the phone. Perhaps in this way the maniac scoffs at the police trying to catch him and it turns out he does it very well. The other characters in the picture turned out to be dull and not very noticeable.

The actors played not bad enough because of their images, showing both fear and feelings with feeling. The soundtrack for the film, created by composer Francesco De Mazi, cannot be called very successful, although at times it will please with rather tense melodies suitable for what is happening on the screen. The ending of the picture as a whole is not bad, although of course it is not as original as the ending in the film 'Lizard in Woman's Skin' and other giallos. However, here, fortunately, the rather ridiculous motives of the maniac will be explained, that is, the reasons for his madness, which prompted him to commit murders.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 52.43 GB
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