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The Silence of the Lambs 4K 1991

The Silence of the Lambs 4K 1991

Jonathan Demme
Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Lawrence A. Bonney, Kasi Lemmons, Lawrence T. Wrentz, Scott Glenn, Anthony Heald, Frankie Faison, Don Brockett, Frank Seals Jr., Stuart Rudin, Maria Skorobogatov, Jeffrie Lane, Leib Lensky, George 'Red' Schwartz, Jim Roche, Brooke Smith, Ted Levine.
IMDB 8.6
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Film Description
The psychopath kidnaps and kills young women throughout the Midwest. The FBI, confident that all the crimes were committed by the same person, instructs Agent Clarissa Starling to meet with the maniac prisoner Hannibal Lecter, who could help create a psychological portrait of the killer. Lecter himself is serving a sentence for murder and cannibalism. He agrees to help Clarissa only if she treats his sick imagination with the details of her personal life.

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Probably, if you conduct a survey, which film about maniacs people consider the main one, then in most cases those in the know will call Fincher's Seven or Silence of the Lambs. Indeed, it is true that the image of Hannibal Lector (with the letter 'G', not 'K', as many usually think and write), depicted on the screen by the unsurpassed Anthony Hopkins, has become almost a household name, especially when his prototype is still day you see even in advertisements.

'I ate his liver with a bean garnish ...'

What is so surprising about this film? The film is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Harris, and the script is perfectly adapted, all events develop in a planned way, but that is why it is no less interesting. Hannibal Lector plays a secondary role here. Not a second plan, but a secondary one: for most of the picture, a young FBI student, a dropout, who was temporarily given a certificate so that an experienced psychologist in the person of Lector would help in the investigation of serial murders in the central states of America, comes to his prison.

Anthony Hopkins portrayed a genius character on the screen: calculating, intelligent, cynical, expectant, with a peculiar facial expression (look closely, when he speaks, he does not blink) and smooth movements. He perfectly understands what crimes he has committed, but what he really thinks about almost always eludes our understanding. And now, being caught, he sits in a cell, often reads, draws remarkably and listens to Mozart, but even behind impenetrable plastic glass he is dangerous. Why? You have to understand it yourself.

At first glance, Jodie Foster appears shy, but this impression is deceiving: she is one of the few who can somehow intellectually resist the Lecturer. When she first goes along all the cameras to the Lector, the viewer becomes really uncomfortable. This is the abode of serial killers: a complete black man sits and stares piercingly into the eyes, in the other cell, at first glance, everything is empty, and in the third ... The character of the third is difficult to imagine calm.

Both actors earned their awards, as did the film as a whole. Some of the most intelligent dialogues in the genre, and no matter how I would like to quote them, I leave every word, every letter to those who have not yet seen this film.

'... and a glass of Chianti.'

But acting and an adapted script alone are not enough. Style, great style and stylization under the atmosphere of the investigation of terrible murders and the psychology of maniacs - the central idea of ​​the picture - create the overall flavor of the dish called Silence of the Lambs.

The film received as many as two sequels: a sequel and a prequel (respectively, 'Hannibal' and 'Red Dragon'), in which Anthony Hopkins played, and another prequel - 'Hannibal: Ascent'. They develop and tell the story of the Lector further. The scripts still belong to the writer Thomas Harris, who, perhaps unknowingly, created an unforgettable minor character who became the centerpiece. But the 'Silence of the Lambs', of course, should be viewed as a slightly isolated product, since the picture has its own 'second bottom'.

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Info Blu-ray
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