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The Birds 4K 1963

The Birds 4K 1963

Alfred Hitchcock
Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette, Tippi Hedren, Veronica Cartwright, Ethel Griffies, Charles McGraw, Ruth McDevitt, Lonny Chapman, Joe Mantell, Doodles Weaver, Malcolm Atterbury, John McGovern, Karl Swenson, Richard Deacon.
IMDB 7.7
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Film Description
4K movies full download now. Today is an update, the film is The Birds 4K 1963. A classic film by A. Hitchcock, in which a terrifying picture of a bird attack on an American village is intertwined with the story of a love relationship between a young woman and a man she likes.

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Even from antiquity, the bird was considered a widespread symbol of the spirit and soul in the ancient world. According to legend, the Indian tree of life was inhabited by birds, which symbolized human souls. The Upanishads talk about the birds Jivatma and Atma, the first of which eats the fruits of the tree of life, symbolizing the activity of the soul in the world, the other only looks at them, denoting the absolute spirit and pure consciousness.

How cute and feathered they are. People love to feed them from the palm of their hand and look at them in the zoo. Indeed, people thought so, until Alfred Hitchcock decided to show people what these cute birds are capable of and what they can be.

Alfred Hitchcock's films have always amazed with their uniqueness and special atmosphere. I think if passers-by on the streets of your city ask the question: \ 'Who do you consider the king of horrors \', then his name will be one of the most common. Indeed, Hitchcock knew how to make films that are sealed in the memory of the viewer for a long time, and often for life. Remember even those very \ 'Strangers on the train \'. The film holds incredibly tightly, does not let go, excites, tries to confuse. Or maybe \ 'Psycho \'? This legendary screaming woman at heart and an abnormal maniac, looking at whom there is a feeling of complete horror.

A special ability to make horror films without focusing on liters of blood and brutal murders is perhaps the most basic thing that Hitchcock's films have. The 1963 film "Birds" was no exception. The film was released 3 years after the sensational and still hot nightmare called "Psycho". People naturally run in large masses to watch the new creation of an already great director.

It is worth noting that "Birds" in terms of the general atmosphere was in no way inferior to "Psycho", and one might even say, aroused much greater interest in the first half of the film. The incomprehensible relationship between a local celebrity and a famous and charming lawyer in a pet store is really attractive. At the beginning of the film, everything looks like a love story. Hard and capricious love.

It might seem that a young woman named Melanie Daniels will prove her love for Mitch Brener in all sorts of ways. Why shouldn't it seem so. The heroine goes to a completely different city, just in order to give him a gift.

But everything changes when Melanie is unexpectedly attacked by a seagull. And then it becomes clear that everything is not so simple. Of course, it may seem that this is just an accident that can bring them closer together, but all subsequent attacks remove all doubts that this is just the case. The viewer immediately begins to think what and why?

There is no point in talking about the film in detail, you just need to watch it. To watch how Mr. Hitchcock scares us with seemingly harmless birds. Agree, for that time it was possible to make a film about rabid and bloodthirsty crocodiles or dinosaurs. At that time, the viewer demanded as much new as possible, something that he had not seen before. Maybe something like King Kong or Ten Foot Killer Tomatoes. But taking a much more conventional version, Hitchcock shocked the audience with his work. Nicely shocked.

The incredible warmth at the very beginning of the film, formed from the beauty of the main character and an intriguing love relationship, abruptly develops into a wild and chilling fear and cold, when the birds suddenly start a real war against people ..

Hitchcock has successfully mixed love drama, thriller and detective in one bottle. Moreover, with regards to the detective, then his move just worked perfectly. The viewer is not given even the slightest guess throughout the film, where and why the birds rush at people. The only thing that comes to mind is the appearance of a new person in the city. The people themselves, during the film, are exhausted from the constant raids of birds, and they simply do not have the strength and ability to try to find out and assume anything.

The softness and smoothness of the storyline, perhaps, is also one of the advantages of this picture. Hitchcock did everything just perfect. Dead calmness quite easily and imperceptibly develops into a real storm. There is no sharp editing and frantic dynamics of frames. It is as if he prepares the viewer for something terrible, and when he is ready, Hitchcock begins to put on terror.

Watching some scenes, you can imagine that you yourself are in the place where the main characters are. Recall the scene when Melanie is sailing from one bank to another in a motor boat. The scene is quite long and, one might say, protracted, and the viewer, having watched it for quite a long time, himself feels this light breeze and pleasant breeze that caresses the face of the main character.

There are practically no effects here, but there are real live birds that attack people in large flocks. Hitchcock categorically refused to use mechanical birds in the film, as this would ruin all the realism and the overall effect of the film as a whole. Correct solution. If the horror is too real and not transcendental, then there should be nothing artificial here. The superimposition of frames with the flight of birds on the chase scenes really looks very impressive and believable. The installers had to be given an award for the best editing, since not many can do this.

Of course, I would like to note the excellent performance of the actors. Tippy Hedren is simply irresistible. Her gracefulness, fatal look and incredibly beautiful smile undoubtedly graced this film. Her heroine is convincing, mysterious, self-confident, interesting. Rod Taylor also perfectly showed us the charming and self-aware gigolo, who simply could not resist the beauty of the irresistible Melanie.

This film will not open up anything new for especially demanding viewers. But he will show how an excellent story about a hostile attack of harmless creatures can be made out of an ordinary idea and a rather simple plot, against which a love story unfolds. Just a perfect story that combines everything that a viewer needs, who asks for a good feeling.

And in the end, I would like to say that "Birds" can be called one of the best thrillers of the 60s. At that time, he confidently held the first places in various ratings for many years. But in our time, this movie is watched with special interest. He certainly needs attention.

Special attention should also be paid to many other works of the great inventor of horrors - Alfred Hitchcock ... He is our dear Gogol. Such people are born once every 100 years, and their work will never go unnoticed ... Moreover, it is like a mandatory list of literature at school.

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Info Blu-ray
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