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Boyz n the Hood 4K 1991

Boyz n the Hood 4K 1991

USA     Movies / Drama 4K
John Singleton
Hudhail Al-Amir, Lloyd Avery II, Angela Bassett, Miya McGhee, Lexie Bigham, Kenneth A. Brown, Nicole Brown, Ceal, Morris Chestnut, Darneicea Corley, John Cothran, Ice Cube, Na'Blonka Durden, Susan Falcon, Jessie Lawrence Ferguson.
IMDB 7.7
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Film Description
If you want to live, you should not meddle in the Southern Central district of Los Angeles. This is a very dangerous place where all the cool black guys live - for example, like Tre and the stepbrothers Ricky and Dagboy.

Boiled daily in this hellish kitchen filled with violence, ignorance and anger, a paradise for drug addicts and killers, they seem to be doomed to join the ranks of the scum of society and end their days with a bullet in the back or with a syringe in Vienna.

But the hope to break out of this terrible world - and not with its feet forward - does not leave the heroes. But South Central isn't very easily releasing its victims ...

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The name of director John Singleton says little to the majority, except for the average viewer he is best known for the action movie "Shaft" and the sequel for Fast and the Furious, as well as for the upcoming project with Vin Diesel. Meanwhile, his debut film "Boyz n the hood", shot by him according to his own script, at one time gained tremendous success both at the box office and among film critics.

In the center of the plot are four childhood friends, one of whom will be deprived of attention, but this does not mean that his role is not important, but rather the cardinally opposite. Together they grow up in the ghetto of Los Angeles (the police even like to give these areas nicknames, or they are invented by the inhabitants themselves, for example, the Jungle, again, in L.A.). "Daddy's son" Trey, two brothers - Ricky and "Doughboy" - are two striking opposites to each other and their friend Chris, who joined them on a walk. While they are very young, naive, but they are already surrounded by the darkness of the ghetto: booze, drugs, weapons ... death. And only at the beginning the languishing dusty road sign with its unpretentious inscription reads the slogan of the entire area: "One Way". The basis is set, and the guys, meanwhile, quietly choose the lines of their lives, while such a joyful, teasing with every word song sounds on the radio in Father Trey's car:

Ooh child
Things`ll get brighter
Some day yeah
We`ll get it together and we`ll get it all done

This Five Stairsteps performs his hit hit "Ooh Child".

But seven years pass. Chris's episodic appearances in a wheelchair "nullified" his entire existence, as if directing his life crossed out by the southern region. Trey, Ricky, Doughboy still have power, but what has changed after seven years? John Singleton, with equal success and sustained narrative style in the peculiar epilogue of childhood of the main characters, will tell about this in this partly biographical story, moreover, the author does not intentionally emphasize the style of the black quarter. In fact, rap will not sound for the entire film (only background, well, in the credits of course), but the local style presented in modern films is a contemporary of the Singleton tape, so the conclusion suggests itself.

There is already worth praising the excellent camera work for non-trivial angles and the actors themselves, especially the first plan. This is already Kyuuba Gooding Jr. and Ice Cube are more known to the public, and then, during the filming of this tape, they were almost green newcomers to the movies. Gooding as the unlucky, often hesitant guy Trey, who is watched with an iron hand by the decent Lawrence Fishburne, Ice Cube in the predictable place of the "gangster" Dagboy (but how played) and Morris Chestnut as his brother Ricky - the golden trio of this film.

While watching, you involuntarily recall the film "Training Day" with the inimitable Denzel Washington, the game GTA: San Andreas, which successfully parodies this theme, the words of a friend of mine who once lived in America, even in Miami, float in my head: "Yes, they have just that. And don't laugh. And maybe even worse. " Scroll through all the clips of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg of those times, and as old O`Shea Jackson (real name Ice Cube) read in one of them about another day in the harsh ghetto, only because he survived: "Today was a good day ".

The picture is evenly gaining momentum, but covers with an avalanche closer to the apotheosis, and at the end the director puts a bullet point in the whole story with the hammer of his anvil, not allowing the poor viewer to think out everything himself.

As a result, John Singleton showed one of the most believable works on crime in the ghettos of American megacities. Something was said directly to the mouth of the hero of Fishburn, something without unnecessary comments was deliberately shown by a close-up of the lens, but the whole believable picture only benefits from this, and even an additional explanation of the relevance of the film is still not needed and not only for the United States. A little bit of humor about the ghetto, which remained after "Don't threaten the south central ..." fleetingly disappears, and when viewing in English you feel all the local dirt even in the endless stream of tautological warfare.

"F * ck you, motherf * cker" - CJ from GTA: San Andreas

One of the best thematic dramas about the life of black guys in a black and black ghetto.

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English, English SDH, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified), Mandarin (Traditional), Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

Info Blu-ray
File size: 51.96 GB
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