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Mary Poppins Returns 4K 2018

USA     Movies / Comedy 4K
Rob Marshall
Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Pixie Davies, Nathanael Saleh, Joel Dawson, Julie Walters, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Jeremy Swift, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, David Warner.
IMDB 7.1
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Mary Poppins Returns in the new quality, this and much more can download 4k content on our site. The film tells about the new adventures of Mary and her friend Jack, who will meet with representatives of the next generation of the Banks family.

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England. London. The thirties are the years of the Great Depression. Many years have passed since Mary Poppins first visited the Banks family on Cherry Street. Michael and Jane have already grown up, Michael managed to marry and become a widow, three wonderful children remained on his shoulders - adults over the age of twins Anabel and John and the younger George. The Banks family is experiencing a far from the easiest period in their lives, and the magic nanny Mary Poppins does not slow down to return to remind Michael and Jane of his childhood, and to show Michael's three children an amazing world of fantasy and adventure that they lack so much.

For me, Mary Poppins Returns was one of the most awaited films of the year. As a child I read the books of Pamela Travers (I had two of them - "Mary Poppins" and "The Return of Mary Poppins"), I really love the original 1964 film with Julia Andrews and Dick Van Dyk in the main roles and the biographical drama 2013- Go to Rescue Mr. Banks with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. I really hoped that the film would be at least half as beautiful and magical as the original. And fortunately, my expectations are more than justified.

Yes, the plot is simple and naive, as in most children's or family films. But this is the most suitable film to plunge into magic, watching the inventive adventures of the characters. First of all, I want to note the atmosphere of the film. The film is congenial with the classic works of Disney, sometimes there was even a feeling that I was not looking at the modern music, but the classics of the sixties, and also, in my opinion, much more reminiscent of the book Traveras than the first film. This contributed to the application of the classic two-dimensional animation and more close to the book image character Mary Poppins.

Now about the characters and actors. Lin Manuel Miranda is primarily known as the author of the famous and extremely successful Broadway hip-hop musical "Hamilton", where he acts as a composer, lyricist, scriptwriter and leading actor. He also wrote songs for the animated film "Moana". In the film, he is beautiful, in his character - Jacklighter - a cheerful, simple and sincere, I just fell in love. He wanted to watch forever, he was so nice and natural. I really hope to see Miranda repeatedly on the screen in the future. Emily Blunt perfectly coped with the role of Mary Poppins. As I noted, she more accurately conveyed the book image - Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins was amazing, but she still portrayed her softer than the original, although her character, like in the book, won't get into her pocket after the word. In the same film, Mary Poppins appears more strict and prudent, I think, the way the writer represented her - outwardly arrogant, but incredibly kind and soft at heart and a real sorceress. Miss Perfection itself. Ben Whishou was a new face for me, I had not seen films with him before, but he is a very talented actor. His Michael was touching and lively, empathizing and worrying about his fate, even if you know that everything will be fine in the end. His singing voice is very pleasant to the ear. Emily Mortimer I know from the short roles in the films "Island of the Damned", "Hugo" and "Lars and the Real Girl", her Jane is an energetic and optimistic woman, not losing her spirit and ready for much for the sake of the family. To be honest, in the beginning it seemed to me that Mrs. Mortimer was somewhat overplaying, but later this sensation passed and vice versa, she began to look very real. The film is also full of nice bonuses, such as the gorgeous and reckless in the role of Topsie Poppins Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, who looks very solid and menacing, and even Dick Van Dyke is annealed not childly. The children played very well, did not overplay, I especially liked the young Pixie Davis, who performed the role of Anabel Banks.

The soundtrack is simply magical! When I heard that rap songs for Miranda would be inserted into the songs, I became alert, although I like Hamilton very much, but these inserts didn't stand out from the context, they were very Broadway, stylish and incendiary. Lovely London Sky and Nowhere To Go But Up songs I sang all the way home. I have never conceded to the soundtrack and production of musical numbers - the A Cover Is Not A Book and the dance of the lamplighters were especially chic - I even had goosebumps and I could not resist and softly applauded.

Dialogues are very clever and witty, even filled with English humor. And even heartfelt speeches do not look dramatically and pathetically.

The whole film was shot very beautifully - London, its cozy streets and back streets, concealing amazing characters and unexpected adventures.

The only thing that frustrated me was the denouement. Yes, it is predictable, but if you watched the recent film "Christopher Robin", then you will experience the effect of deja vu. True, the creators managed to smooth out this moment somewhat with a musical number, but the sediment remained.

Fortunately, the film does not repeat the mistakes of "Christopher Robin", where everything starts very seriously, symbolically and even in an adult way, and then

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 59 GB
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