The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story 4K 2016 big poster
The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story 4K 2016

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story 4K 2016

Gareth Edwards
Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, Wen Jiang, Ben Mendelsohn, Guy Henry, Forest Whitaker, Riz Ahmed, Mads Mikkelsen, Jimmy Smits, Alistair Petrie, Genevieve O'Reilly, Ben Daniels, Paul Kasey...
IMDB 7.8
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Film Description
The Resistance gathers a squad to carry out a special mission - it is necessary to steal blueprints of the Empire's most advanced and deadly weapon. The fighters are led by the uncontrollable and fearless Jin Erso, who has personal motives in this suicidal mission. Not everyone is destined to return home, but the heroes are ready for this, because the fate of the Galaxy is at stake.

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"The power in question is immeasurable."
Once a galaxy far, far away, many epic battles were shaking, each of which left a deep scar, taking away or, on the contrary, reviving hope. With the coming to the throne of Emperor Palpatine, who proclaimed the despotic New Order, which replaced the democratic system of the Old Republic, freedom of expression, the right to peaceful assembly and the voice of the opposition lost the slightest legal basis, turning into crimes punishable with all the severity of imperial justice. Eradicating the slightest glimmer of dissent, the myriad legions of the Emperor established an iron dictatorship that, according to its creator, could last for at least a thousand years, however, infinitely tough management methods and a series of reckless actions led by the decision to create a super-weapon "Death Star" led to a fierce resistance known as the Rebel Alliance. The disunited cells of the opponents of the New Order eventually formed a united front, challenging the Emperor and giving the Galaxy a New Hope, born in the epochal battle of the fourth satellite of the planet Yavin. A small handful of space fighters, led by the young idealist Luke Skywalker, did the impossible by destroying the symbol of fear and oppression, which became the gigantic Death Star, the favorite brainchild of Palpatine himself ...

The debut film of the unforgettable Saga of George Lucas, known as Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope, narrated the events of the Battle of Yavin in great detail. The ingenious work, which gave the world the brightest fairy tale of the 20th century, later turned into an object of cult adoration for viewers from all over the world who are able to dream and believe in the magic of sincere, honest and enthusiastic cinema. "Star Wars" has long ceased to be just a series of colorful films, they penetrated into all aspects of our life, turning into a warm, attractive story, phrases from which, and maybe even actions and philosophy, found their reflection in reality. Every part of the Saga, whether it be numerous sequels, novels, books or comics, is always popular with an army of fans that is constantly replenishing its ranks, but in what galactic distances the history of "Star Wars" has not advanced, acquaintance with its first chapter is beyond compare. The paths of Jedi and Sith, Mandalorians and stormtroopers, senators and Moffs began at the Battle of Yavin, the victorious result of which was forged not only by the skill of Luke Skywalker, but also by the efforts of a group of fearless rebels who went to the very lair of the Dark Side.

George Lucas was not stingy with describing the nuances of the formation of Skywalker's character, and shortly before his resignation as head of the Lucasfilm studio, inspired by the active creative position of the leading ILM special effects supervisor John Knoll, he gave his father's blessing to start work on the first secret spin-off of the franchise, describing the legendary special operation Death Stars ", which takes place shortly before the meeting of the future Jedi with the rebel princess Leia. After several years and cardinal rearrangements within the studio, Lucas moved away from active participation in the development of further galactic history, but one of his last approved brainchildren, entitled "Outcast One", nevertheless found a display on the big screen in an unusually intriguing story without the usual family ties of the Skywalker family and fascinating discoveries associated with the Great Power. The film directed by Gareth Edwards appeared before us as an emotional and unusually tough fantastic action movie, demonstrating a different, more down-to-earth and lively side of the legendary Star Wars.

So Rogue One. The shadows of the Empire thickened over the Galaxy and threaten to shut it off from the Light forever. Flashed at the very beginning of the Clone Wars, the plan of the gigantic space station "Death Star" finally took shape thanks to the selfless service of Director Orson Krennik (Ben Mendelssohn), an ambitious imperial who does not recognize any authority other than the indestructible Palpatine. Feeling no doubt about the advisability of using the station, Krennic is impatient to bring weapons of mass destruction into action, but even the director fails to keep every employee of the Imperial Secret Development Base in an iron fist. The leakage of invaluable information regarding the Death Star reaches the ears of the Rebel Alliance leadership, and from now on, only one issue is on the agenda for the rebels: the extraction of plans. And in this matter, the last champions of the covenants of democracy of the Old Republic will be helped by an adventurer, a fugitive and simply a dangerous person known as Jean Erso (Felicity Jones). The girl's long-standing ties and strong ideals are still the last hope of the Uprising, on which everything depends. In fact, everything ...

Plunging headlong into George Lucas's Galaxy Far, Far Away, director-unpredictability Gareth Edwards shook off the uncertainty of Monsters and the ambiguity of the updated Godzilla in order to create one of the most honest and outspoken films in the Star Wars series. Sitting down in the director's chair, being in fact a keen fan of the Saga, Edwards managed to make a hyper-jump far in 1977, and at the same time made an incredible leap into the future of an incredible Universe, opening in it previously unknown corners on the big screen. Without fear, without being shackled by the sweat of the hands and feet with blind nostalgia in the style of J.J. Abrams, Gareth Edwards managed to make the dream of an enthusiastic boy come true. Moreover, this very boy - he himself and millions of spectators in love with George Lucas' Galaxy. Yes, "Rogue One" bypasses the incredible revelations of the Great Power, but the energy that connects everything that exists around people and aliens is even greater here than in some Episodes of the main line of films. Yes, Gareth Edwards was not particularly sentimental when writing the images of the main characters, but they just breathe life into the camera. Their breath is felt by us in the auditorium as if Jin Erso, Director Krennik and even the steel droids are in the next row. And the magnificent action, combining ancient techniques with the achievements of modern technology, completes the splendor, showing the wars among the stars and on earth as they swarmed in our dreams.

Gareth Edwards does not skimp on savoring various details, trying to give the necessary screen time to everyone who deserves it. And there are amazingly many of those in Rogue One. A keen eye of a fan, who has been watching New Hope to the holes, will find a lot of "Easter eggs" dear to his heart, and the casual viewer will find for himself more than one reason to get acquainted with all other parts of "Star Wars" closer. I do not argue that for a full-fledged infusion into the plot of the film, you need to have an idea of the Distant, Distant Galaxy as a whole and watch at least the very first film of the Saga, but Rogue One is built in such a way that all viewers could appreciate it, regardless of knowledge of the Lucas universe. Last but not least, the story of Jin Erso, Director Krennic, and other iconic figures of the Galactic Civil War rests on the performers. They were not afraid to dissolve in their heroes, to become a true part of Star Wars, and even to challenge the well-known stars of the Saga, who have already fallen in love with a generation of viewers.

As a result, I will say that "Rogue One" awakens the Force in our hearts. Let the last surviving Jedi hide, and Darth Vader's dark cloak develops more and more, hope is unable to fade away while there are those who are fighting for it.

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English SDH, French, Japanese, Spanish.

Info Blu-ray
File size: 54.75 GB
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