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Cloak and Dagger 4K 1984

Richard Franklin
Henry Thomas, Dabney Coleman, Michael Murphy, Christina Nigra, John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan, Eloy Casados, Tim Rossovich, William Forsythe, Robert DoQui, Shelby Leverington, Linden Chiles, Robert Curtin, William Marquez, Wendell Wright, Doris Hargrave, Gary Moody, Eleese Lester.
IMDB 6.5
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Film Description
Eleven-year-old Davey is on his own. His mother is dead and his father is busy solving his own problems. So Davey gets lost in the world of video games. His only friend becomes super agent Jack Flack, the hero of computer games.

When a real FBI agent, who could be killed at any minute, gives Davey secret information, the teen gets involved in real spy games. None of the adults believe Davey, so he has to cope with his dangerous mission alone, except for the help of a girl he knows and Jack Flack. Can the virtual hero be a reliable support for Davey as he confronts reality?

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The story is about a young man, barely older than eleven years old, who lost his mother not long ago. In fact, the young man needs love and support, but the only person close to Davey, namely his father, spends all his time at work, and even if he is at home, he does not pay much attention to the young man's fears. That's why young Davey got an imaginary friend - Jack Flack - a tough superhero, capable, like MacGyver, with a paper clip and a scotch roll to fix a tank's track or assemble explosives, using a ball of wire, flint and a bottle of vodka. Don't ask me how he does it. Jack Flack is tough and that says it all.

It would seem that here is an interesting plot from which to steer, but that was only a fable, and the tale lies ahead. The fact is that Davey, along with his imaginary friend Jack, and his real-life friend Kim, while on another "secret" mission, which was to buy candy, witness a murder. And not just any murder, but the murder of an FBI agent. The latter, however, to give him credit, manages to give Davey a cartridge with a game of "Cloak and Dagger" in which the secret government information is hidden. Naturally professional killers, or as Davey later reviews them - spies, begin to hunt for the main character. It would seem, what can resist an eleven year old boy armed to the teeth bandits? A lot. Especially if his friend is Jack Flack.

Such an interesting plot twist that brings to mind a lot of good movies, movies that will come out much later and become quite popular while "Cloak and Dagger" sinks into the sands of oblivion. And this will happen not because the film was bad in something or somewhere underdeveloped, but because it did not have a special promotional campaign. And if it has not, then consequently and know about it will only be "curious diggers", who in search of a movie to spend the evening will come across our guest today. And I think that's wrong. Wrong because this film deserves so much more. And I hope what I say about this film below will encourage viewers to read it. A slim hope, of course, but better that than none at all. Let's go.

This motion picture has all the key moments for which the mass audience loved the movies about spies, especially dedicated to James Bond. We have a charming protagonist who finds himself in a desperate situation and must confront the world. And this is not a figurative expression, but very much a literal one. After all, Davey finds himself face to face with the adult world, a world from which there is a serious danger, but at the same time nobody wants to help the kid, thinking that the latter has made up a story about spies. In fact, this is just a child, and children tend to exaggerate, and dwell in the world of their own dreams. We have a bearded hacker Maurice, who runs a video game store and is ready to come to the aid of the main characters. We have people that stalk the heroes and want to kill them. And the criminals that are shown in this movie are not stupid and they are very pedantic. The people who pursue Davey breathe down Davey's neck and do not give the young hero any indulgences. In the end Davey is a bystander, and it is customary to get rid of them. So the film will be and car chases and shootouts and cat-and-mouse games, and the only difference from the "adult" action movies will be the fact that the protagonist of the picture - a child.

But if the viewer will not seem enough of this, the picture also raises psychological problems, namely the relationship between father and son. And yes, Davy's father is a good man, he just stopped believing in miracles long time ago and began to live in the real world, and that is why he pays no attention to his son who says that bandits are after him, like in a cheap action movie. Whereas the young man needs a role model. A man he could be proud of, and so Davey's imaginary friend wears his father's face. And this raises another question. Does Davey really need his imaginary friend that much? After all, Jack Flack is essentially the voice of the boy's mind and does not tell the latter anything that he does not know or feel. And the scene in which there is a conflict of interests and life values of the characters is much deeper than it seems at first sight.

To summarize, we would like to say that the viewer is presented with a good and fascinating film, which has been undeservedly forgotten. This film must be an excellent pastime for children, as well as for their parents who still believe in miracles. So if you fall into this category of people, then I recommend this film to watch in the first place.

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Info Blu-ray
File size: 58.59 GB
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