Black Hawk Down 4K 2001 EXTENDED
Black Hawk Down 4K 2001 EXTENDED

Black Hawk Down 4K 2001 EXTENDED

Ridley Scott
Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore, Eric Bana, William Fichtner, Ewen Bremner, Sam Shepard, Gabriel Casseus, Kim Coates, Hugh Dancy, Ron Eldard, Ioan Gruffudd, Tom Guiry, Charlie Hofheimer, Danny Hoch.
IMDB 7.7
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Film Description
Black Hawk Down, an exciting movie based on real events, on our website you will find 4k ultra hd full version of the movie. Somalia, 1993. The country is dying from hunger, the number of victims exceeded three hundred thousand people. UN peacekeeping forces are trying to restore order and organize food supplies. To help them, Washington sent half a thousand people from the elite units of the American army, the famous detachments "Delta" and army rangers.

In the city of Mogadishu, the field commander Aidid hosted and created chaos, killing civilians and selecting humanitarian aid. At some point, the eagles from Washington decide to conduct an operation to capture Aidid at his residence.

A young officer, just appointed platoon; experienced sergeant, leading the column of cars; the barracks clerk who did not smell powder; the crews of downed helicopters, forced to wait for reinforcements and evacuation; a pair of soldiers whom they forgot to take with them when changing positions; General, sitting in the headquarters and watching from the satellite, as his soldiers die ...

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"Only the dead will see the end of the war." Plato

Several years ago, when my fanaticism for military fighters exceeded all imaginable and inconceivable limits, I had a chance to get acquainted with a picture that covered completely unknown events to me then. The film tells about the turning point of the UN peacekeeping mission in the East African state of Somalia. Then, the US peacekeeping forces and a couple of other states, realizing that the delivery of food to the starving population of the country is not effective, received an order from the leadership to act harder and seize several associates of the Somali general Mohammed F. Aidid. The same military-political figure who started a civil war in the early nineties, during which all services stopped functioning in the country, which caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people because of the outbreak of famine. The turning point is the operation carried out on October 3, 1993, during which the task was completed, but at a very high price. In the allotted time for the entire operation, a platoon of the Delta special squadron and a company of the 75th Ranger Regiment, under the cover of the aviation battalion, were to surround the building in which Aidid's supporters were located and capture them. Everything went according to plan, until one of the helicopters that landed the Rangers was shot down. After the heavy military helicopter Sikorsky UH-60, known as the Black Hawk, was shot down by Somali RPG fighters, the course of the operation broke down and the events took a completely different turn. One hour turned into fifteen hours of survival in the middle of the rearing city. Once trapped, one and a half hundred American soldiers fought off two thousand militants and civilians.

Ridley Scott simply does not know how to make a bad movie, even if he tried hard, anyway, full magnificence will appear on the screens. This film was uncle Uncle Ridley based on the documentary book by Mark Bowden, who broke through many facts and interviewed dozens of participants in the battle in Mogadishu. There can be no talk of complete authenticity, but the film has been made as close as possible to the events that have occurred. This is almost an isolated case when the peacekeeping forces, with the participation of the US Army, met such a strong rebuff from the enemy, and it was this battle that significantly influenced the future policy of actions in Somalia. The very policy in the picture is very small, because as one of the Rangers correctly noted: “as soon as the first bullet takes off, the policy and all this shit goes to hell”. Here is a full story about soldiers who have fallen into a terrible wrangle, who managed to survive in hell on earth, at the same time saving their friends. Going down the ropes from the "Hawks", the Rangers could not imagine that they would return only the next day, suffering small losses for the war, but huge for this operation. 18 dead and dozens of wounded, two downed helicopters and several disabled, several broken Humvees and convoy trucks, as well as hundreds of killed by Somalis. In the conditions of the most severe battle in urban conditions, which is the most difficult and dangerous, the soldiers carried out the order and left none of the dead.

One of the most unsuccessful operations of peacekeeping forces. Somalis called it the Ranger Day. Every fallen American in this unequal battle was honored with rewards and eternal memory. Memories are not for the tribute given to the army, but for courage in battle and rejection in saving their friends, because not even every professional will go to protect the wounded, clearly realizing that he is going to certain death. Someone will say that this tragedy in the picture is not enough, and it is not deep, he will probably be right. But Uncle Ridley did everything right, because no one would mourn the dead in the thick of the battle. This is a war, cruel, merciless, meaningless, and the picture, for example, as a young teenager son, accidentally kills with his father’s turn, is fleeting, but the one who saw it will remember it forever. The fact that in some third world countries children run around with AK in their hands is terrifying. The director only touched on the idea of intervening in a civil war, the “usefulness” of peacekeeping missions, but he did not give an answer, because everyone will have his own. Who is right or wrong, annoying UN soldiers or embittered Somalis? It is noticeable that the film propagandizes the American army, obviously instilling an even stronger love for it and raising the so-overestimated patriotism of the western country, everything is done stylishly and hints of any pathos, disappear under the whistle of bullets and the noise of shells.

Like no other, Scott is absolutely stingy with his span. I am ready to repeat this every time I see the excellent work of this master. The scale and thoroughness in details is simply amazing, forcing him to admit that his picture is the best representative of a military action movie. Not everyone is ready to launch heavy helicopters over the suburbs, even if it was not Mogadishu, but Rabat, which is in Morocco, not everyone will assemble a normal crowd to fully achieve realism. Military equipment in the film is just a huge amount, helicopters from large to small, jeeps, armored personnel carriers, a pair of tanks was noticed and it all shoots with such pressure that sometimes lays ears like those of soldiers in a street fight. The sound is really great and deservedly received a statuette, which can be said about the camera work of Slawomir Yzyak, which many producers are now trying to copy, but here, together with a clear installation, the picture looks incredibly exciting, driving and tough. Most of the film is occupied by fighting scenes, which were filmed very effectively: a helicopter and a rocket flying into it, a convoy racing under a hail of bullets, and the scene with flying Hawks over the coast when approaching the city became a cult for me. Hans Zimmer, long deserving of his reward for his efforts, here his music only adds to the fullness of the picture, beautifully framing it with oriental motifs. Josh Hartnett, Tom Sizemore, Eric Bana, Kim Coates, Jason Isaacs, Ewan McGregor, William Fichtner and then almost unknown to Orlando Bloom and Tom Hardy, a damn great cast, who simply cannot help but surprise by the fact that they are all together here.

The Black Hawk Down is a reference military action movie that became an object to follow, one of the first modern films about the modern war, which led to a whole series of paintings about senseless losses and that Plato was, unfortunately, right.

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