The Creator 4K 2023 big poster
The Creator 4K 2023

The Creator 4K 2023

Gareth Edwards
John David Washington, Madeleine Yuna Voyles, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, Amar Chadha-Patel, Marc Menchaca, Robbie Tann, Ralph Ineson, Michael Esper, Veronica Ngo, Ian Verdun, Daniel Ray Rodriguez, Rad Pereira, Syd Skidmore, Karen Aldridge, Teerawat Mulvilai
IMDB 6.9
File Size: 52.35 GB
Film Description
"The Creator 4K" (2023) is a thrilling movie that takes the viewer on an exciting journey into a world of sci-fi and philosophical musings. The director (Gareth Edwards) presents us with a marvelous sci-fi landscape where dreams and technology are intertwined into a complex fabric of story.

In 4K, every frame of the movie becomes a true work of art, revealing the details and subtleties of the fictional world. Visual effects create stunning landscapes, and cinematic beauty takes the viewer on an incredible adventure.

The plot of the movie "The Creator 4K 2023" is imbued with deep thoughts about the nature of creativity, art and technology. It tells of a brilliant creator striving for perfection and his encounter with an intelligence that surpasses human understanding. The movie raises questions about the value of art in a world of technology and the eternal search for meaning.

The cast, led by talented performers, adds depth and emotional nuance to the characters. "The Creator 4K" is not only a visual immersion, but also a mental adventure that makes us think about the essence of creativity and its impact on our lives.

Info Blu-ray
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (45.3 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Aspect ratio: 2.76:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.76:1
#English: Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
#English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
#French (Canada): Dolby Digital 5.1
#Spanish (Latino): Dolby Digital 5.1
English SDH, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian
File size: 52.35 GB
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