Best 4K Movies 2021

Best 4K Movies 2021

Ultra hd technology is the latest technology to watch movies at home. Our compilation contains the best films in the best resolution of 2160 (4k) of 2021, for watching films in a home atmosphere with family, as well as in the company of friends and “fizzy drinks”.

Watching movies in the best quality is a great way to experience technology and maximum watching comfort. Are you ready to start watching? Then let's go!
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26-08-2021, 18:16
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Best 4K Movies 2021

Top 5 4K films compiled by the editors of our site. Based on the popularity of movie downloads in 2021. As more movies are added to the site, this list of "Best 4K Movies of 2021" will be updated.
Mortal Kombat 4K 2021
Mortal Kombat is a great battle between the worlds. The main character of the film is Cole Young is a mixed martial arts fighter with an unenviable fate. Cole has more than once deliberately "poured" his fights for money, which is how he got used to living and earning for his life.
Shortly before Mortal Kombat, Cole learns that he is the chosen one, and what he considered a birthmark turns out to be a mark.

The main villain in the film is Shang Tsung, an ancient, powerful sorcerer who sends his best warrior to kill Cole. When Young finds the rest of the chosen ones, they go to the temple of the guardian of the earthly kingdom - the God of Thunder Raiden, where most of the battles between the earthly kingdom and the outside world will take place, whose interests are represented by Shang Tsung, already familiar to us.
Nobody 4K 2021
The title of the film fully justifies the social status of the protagonist - Hutch Mansell. His life is an extraordinary flyover of failure: an unloved job in an office, at a metallurgical plant, a wife who does not love him, a son named Blake with whom Hutch cannot find a common language. The only ray of light in his dim life is his adored daughter.

Robbers break into Mansella's home one night. They managed to endure very little: a few dollars and a watch, in addition, the attackers tried to steal the wedding ring. The next day, Hutch's daughter tells her father that her favorite bracelet is missing. This is where the denouement begins, Mansell goes to his father, takes the pistol and the badge of the FBI agent from him (the aforementioned one previously worked there), and begins to conduct his own investigation, in which the bulk of the fighting begins, during which Hutch gets up on the way of becoming a "big man".
Godzilla vs Kong 4K 2021
An incredible battle between two titans Godzilla, an ancient reptile, and Kong, a huge gorilla. The two will face an epic battle, destroying everything in their path along the way.
A group of scientists and a gorilla go on a dangerous adventure in search of Kong's home, among them the girl Jia is the only one who can communicate with the giant. On the way to the house, they stumble upon an enraged Godzilla, leaving nothing alive in its path. The battle of two titans is a small fraction of unexplained secrets and mysteries hidden in the depths of the earth.
Justice League Snyders Cut 4K 2021
The film takes place shortly after the last film in the series (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). Metropolis has not yet managed to move away from the death of Superman, to whom they have already managed to erect a monument in the city center. The death of the Kryptonite entailed a number of consequences that Batman has to face. He understands that he will not be able to stop the invasion of the earth on his own, this will become the main reason for recruiting a team to save the planet - the justice league.
SAS Red Notice 4K 2021
The main character is a young guy, a sas agent in the UK. The guy decided to postpone his work, and accepted to carry out the old idea, something that has not been reached for a long time - to propose to his girlfriend. To do this, they go to Paris, but fate has its own plans for Tom. The train on which he was traveling to Paris is captured by a terrorist group. This is where all the action begins, and Tom has to "work" again.