Yesterday, 01:42
Drama 4K / Thrillers 4K
Burning (2018), directed by Lee Chang-dong, tells the story of the complex relationship between three young people: failed writer Jong-su, his childhood friend Hae-mi, and the mysterious and wealthy Ben. When Hae-mi suddenly
IMDB 7.5
SIZE 55.57 GB
17-07-2024, 19:59
Drama 4K
“Past Lives” (2023) is a touching drama that tells the story of Nora and Hae Sung, two childhood friends whose paths cross again after many years. Their meeting in New York rediscovers long-forgotten feelings and makes you wonder
IMDB 7.8
SIZE 53.47 GB
30-06-2024, 12:52
Drama 4K / Horror 4K
In "A Tale of Two Sisters" (2003), director Kim Jee-woon presents a chilling and atmospheric tale of psychological horror. The film centers on Su-mi and Su-yeon, two sisters who return to their secluded family home
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 59.37 GB
30-06-2024, 12:04
Drama 4K / Thrillers 4K
"A Bittersweet Life" (2005) is a gripping South Korean crime thriller directed by Kim Jee-woon. The film follows Sun-woo, a loyal and efficient enforcer for a powerful crime boss. When tasked with surveilling the
IMDB 7.5
SIZE 57.92 GB
20-06-2024, 00:45
Adventure 4K
Ancient Taoist sages traverse the fabric of time and space, driven by an unwavering quest to acquire a fabled divine sword of immense power. Across epochs and dimensions, they encounter cosmic challenges and mystical adversaries,
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 71.73 GB
21-01-2024, 17:16
Adventure 4K / Drama 4K
"The Moon" (2023) in 4K is a thrilling science fiction film set in the year 2030, amid notable progress in maneuverable lunar exploration. Astronaut Hwang Sung-woo, stranded alone on the lunar surface due to an
IMDB 6,0
SIZE 74.70 GB
3-01-2024, 22:30
Thrillers 4K
"Beomjoidosi 3" (4K, 2023) is the third installment of the thrilling futuristic blockbuster that takes viewers into the exciting world of science and technology in high-definition 4K. The filmmakers once again recreate
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 48.50 GB
28-12-2023, 16:34
Drama 4K / Horror 4K
Immerse yourself in the world of the thrilling sci-fi thriller "The Host" (2006) in stunning 4K resolution. Director Bong Jung-ho delivers a unique blend of dynamic storytelling and visual effects. At the center of the
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 77.09 GB
17-12-2023, 14:52
Drama 4K / Thrillers 4K
"The Man from Nowhere" (2010) is a gripping thriller that follows a mysterious man named Choi Jung-wook. Jung-wook, a former secret service agent, leads a secluded life owning a pawn shop in a shopping center. His world
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 48.27 GB
14-12-2023, 17:21
Horror 4K / Drama 4K
"Gokseong" (also known as "The Wailing") is a Korean psychological thriller that mesmerizes the viewer with its intricate mysteries and tense atmosphere. Director Na Hongjin meticulously creates an atmosphere
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 47.95 GB
11-07-2023, 11:04
Thrillers 4K / Drama 4K
In 1986, in the provincial town of Hwaseong, two local women are murdered in the same twisted way. Detective Park Too-man and his assistant Jo Young-gu are trying with all their might to find the killer. More precisely - to make
IMDB 8.1
SIZE 77.47 GB
30-05-2023, 11:41
Drama 4K
A detective investigates the death of a man who fell off a cliff. The dead man's widow cooperates with the investigation, but the further the case progresses, the more the detective suspects her and the more he falls in
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 78.66 GB