29-09-2021, 19:00
Drama 4K
The recently orphaned aristocrat hires a man with impeccable recommendations as a servant, but it soon turns out that he is playing a foul game and has some kind of insidious plan. 4k movies reviews A young inexperienced
IMDB 7.9
SIZE 44.24 GB
24-09-2021, 14:41
Drama 4K
The film made an exhaustive analysis of the causes of crime among young people, intolerance of the new generation to the usual moral values and life foundations of modern society. The ruthless leader of a gang of teenagers who
IMDB 8.3
SIZE 54.91 GB
21-09-2021, 23:22
Drama 4K
The story of the life and love of two sisters - sensual Elinor and passionate Marianne, whose happiness and future are darkened by the death of their father and the loss of a huge family fortune. 4k movies reviews After the
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 75.52 GB
21-09-2021, 14:28
Drama 4K
Oliver prefers to live on the streets rather than in an orphanage. He falls into a kind "family" of thieves and becomes a pickpocket. 4k movies reviews The musical that became a star on Broadway on January 6, 1963.
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 78.18 GB
19-08-2021, 19:42
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
On July 18, 1981, Ed and Lorraine Warren attended the exorcism of little David Glatzel. The priest and the boy's family tried unsuccessfully to exorcise the evil entity, Ed suffered a heart attack, and then Arnie - the boyfriend
IMDB 6.3
SIZE 54.74 GB
16-08-2021, 16:44
Thrillers 4K
Yielding to the influence of his older brother, Kane Burgess goes to the crime and burns on the first case, causing the death of an innocent person. He will spend the next seven years in the harshest prison in England.
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 46.37 GB
16-08-2021, 15:43
Great Britain, 1960s. Estella was an unusual child, and it was especially difficult for her to put up with all kinds of injustice. Having flown out of the next school, she and her mother went to London. On the way, they stop at
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 59.29 GB
12-08-2021, 21:45
Movies / Comedy 4K
Michael Bryce is going through a difficult period of his life and cannot survive the fact that he was deprived of his bodyguard license. The psychotherapist advises him to go to Capri to find his inner self, but spiritual healing
IMDB 6.2
SIZE 61.51 GB
8-07-2021, 14:33
Comedy 4K
Scott Pilgrim has found the girl of his dreams. But his path is more difficult: in order to face her, Scott will have to defeat her seven exes. 4k movies reviews To the rhythms of nostalgia and memories of bygone days, it is
IMDB 7.5
SIZE 43.14 GB
7-07-2021, 23:15
Comedy 4K
Four-fingered Frankie was supposed to ship a stolen diamond from England to the United States to his boss Evie, but, having made a bet on an underground boxing match, he gets into a whirlwind of very undesirable events. A complex
IMDB 8.3
SIZE 78.29 GB
24-06-2021, 22:08
Melodrama 4k
Eccentric pastry chef Willy Wonka is able to make any child's dreams come true. As a commercial trick, he hid five golden chocolate bar tickets and decided to test the winners' honesty. But during a tour of the country of
IMDB 7.8
SIZE 56.42 GB
13-06-2021, 14:18
Movies / Thrillers 4K / Adventure 4K
Due to global warming, the Human Survival Project was launched in 2063. A group of children was grown in test tubes from biomaterial from specially selected donors. They did not leave the walls of the laboratory - they lived
IMDB 5.4
SIZE 59.46 GB