24-03-2022, 13:28
Drama 4K / Horror 4K
Captain Robert Walton, an explorer obsessed with the manic urge to reach the North Pole at any cost, meets Dr. Victor Frankenstein in the Arctic wilderness, pursuing a mysterious humanoid creature. Upon learning of the captain's
IMDB 6.3
SIZE 70.50 GB
12-03-2022, 12:14
Documentary 4K
Plants live secret, unseen lives. But they are as aggressive, competitive and dramatic as animals - locked in life-and-death struggles for food and light, taking part in fierce battles for territory, and desperately trying to
IMDB 9.3
SIZE 109.53 GB
7-03-2022, 13:01
Drama 4K
The main event in the life of every aristocrat is the reception of the reigning monarch in the ancestral home. However, in a series of exquisite receptions and social ceremonies, one of the inhabitants of the luxurious mansion
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 73.61 GB
22-02-2022, 14:26
Thrillers 4K / Drama 4K
The year 2078. Life on Mars has become a reality. Remmy was born on this planet and has never been to Earth. Her family lives in an isolated colony bounded by an oxygen dome. But when their home is attacked by armed invaders,
IMDB 4.7
SIZE 47.67 GB
21-02-2022, 19:27
Movies / Adventure 4K / Thrillers 4K
John considered his life quite prosperous. He was in good standing with his law firm, had a beautiful wife, Ann, and a mistress, Cynthia, who was Ann's little sister. This idyll was shattered by the arrival of his university
IMDB 6.4
SIZE 59.66 GB
3-02-2022, 19:32
Horror 4K
Terrible events take place in the year 2127 at the Minos space station, Doctor Merchant, obsessed with some strange, crazy ideas, captured the station in order to put his mysterious experiments into practice, the Doctor was
IMDB 5.1
SIZE 31.58 GB
29-01-2022, 12:37
Comedy 4K / Horror 4K
Andy, Chris and Brad travel across Europe in search of adventure. They find them in Paris when one night Andy prevents the suicide of a young Frenchwoman, Seraphine, and goes with his friends in search of this beautiful
IMDB 5.1
SIZE 53.89 GB
22-01-2022, 16:25
Comedy 4K / Melodrama 4k
The Beatles are rushing to a concert from Liverpool to London. All sorts of funny scenes happen along the way, songs are sung. All songs were released as a separate self-titled album. 4k movies reviews 'Beatles' is not just a
IMDB 7.6
SIZE 55.44 GB
20-01-2022, 10:18
Movies / Drama 4K / Horror 4K
Young provincial Eloise is crazy about the 1960s. She lived all her life with her grandmother, but now she is going to study in London as a fashion designer. Unable to adapt to the noisy life in the hostel, the girl moves to a
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 54.78 GB
16-01-2022, 05:29
Drama 4K
The film tells about the hard life of black people in Harlem. Four teenagers lead a life of crime and everything seems to be "good", but their life changes after a failed store robbery. 4k movies reviews This is one of
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 54.93 GB
14-01-2022, 13:52
Adventure 4K
In a new story about the search for truth, betrayal, eternal youth and mortal danger, Captain Jack Sparrow has to face a woman from his past, Angelica. Until the very end, it will not be clear whether their true love connects, or
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 58.29 GB
16-12-2021, 21:53
Melodrama 4k
The ballet based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a pair of magic shoes that give a dancer the ability to dance fabulously, but do not allow to stop, brings great success to Julian and Victoria. Victoria falls
IMDB 8.1
SIZE 82.02 GB