Top 5 Halloween 4K Movies

Top 5 Halloween 4K Movies

Halloween night is the perfect time to get together with friends and surround yourself with candy and start telling scary stories by candlelight alone, playing board games or going through some horror games on the computer. However, just in case the spooky stories (fictional or maybe real, who knows?) run out or, in good tradition, you decide to spend the evening watching something sinister, there's always a selection from 4K-HD.Club of perfect movies on the night of October 31 to November 1.
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30-10-2022, 11:25
Top 5 Halloween 4K Movies
Happy Death Day 4K 2017
A kind of mix of "Groundhog Day" and "The Butterfly Effect," where the main character Trish, a student, gets caught in a time loop where a maniac is after her.

There are many suspects, and the answer seems to lie on the surface. I would also like to agree with the film critics, mentioning that the film is really beautifully shot and humorous.

Interesting fact: the main role in the film was originally supposed to play Megan Fox, but in the end the picture was a triumph for Jessica Roat.
The Addams Family 4K 1991 EXTENDED
The Addams family home has a Halloween atmosphere all year round. Extravagant Gomez, femme fatale Martisha, their relatives and servants just love the fateful atmosphere. Their house looks like an abandoned castle. There's a severed hand running around, and the butler resembles Frankenstein. The children play executions and torture. That said, the Addamses are quite a healthy and happy family, they just have slightly different values.
Beetlejuice 4K 1988
Perhaps one of the favorites of many on this holiday is Beetlejuice. The main character is a ghostly bio-exorcist and a real expert in exercising people. For help, this mysterious, and sometimes even brazen, creature turns to a married couple of spirits, whose peace was disturbed by living people moving into the house. Beetlejuice takes on the job with enthusiasm and zeal, leading to all kinds of unexpected results.

Despite the fact that Beetlejuice is a rarity, filmed quite a long time ago and gathering dust on many people's shelves, its outdated special effects do not seem to be a relic of the past, but on the contrary, they make the imagination work.
Halloween 4K 1978
Michael Myers escapes from the mental institution where he was placed years ago for the murder of his own sister. The grown-up torturer becomes an unstable maniac, stalking a new victim. He is virtually unstoppable, and whoever gets in his way will be cut down with a sharp knife.

This picture in its time was a real hit and a pioneer of the slasher genre and other films about maniacs obsessed with the lust for killing random (and sometimes not so random) victims. That's why "Halloween," all its sequels and remakes, is a timeless holiday classic.
Hocus Pocus 4K 1993
A timeless classic, the American horror comedy film starring Sarah Jessica Parker. The perfect backdrop for a Halloween dinner, filled with all the trappings of the holiday. There's an old abandoned house, a black cat, and, of course, hook-nosed witches.

The protagonist, Max, arrives in Salem on Halloween eve, where he accidentally brings three witches back to life through a secret ritual. They, of course, are shocked by how the world has changed, but that does not stop them from hatching a cunning plan to eat all the children in the city in order to gain eternal life.