Top 7 4K Movies about Multiverse

Top 7 4K Movies about Multiverse

To begin with, this term was first introduced at the end of the nineteenth century. But just a term, because in religion, particularly Buddhism and Hinduism, references to multiple worlds existed even earlier. As well as in esotericism. Carlos Castaneda mentioned in his writings the concept of a "shifting assembly point", which, through meditation and various spiritual practices, made it possible to travel outside of space and time.

However, my dear reader, please focus your attention on the fact that multiverse is not only something abstract and anti-scientific. The question of alternate realities has long been dealt with by physicists and cosmologists. You can laugh or read "string theory" to understand the issue.

Anyway, let's start with something small - a selection of films that couldn't leave our film fans indifferent.
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27-09-2022, 22:23
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Top 7 4K Movies about Multiverse

I'm sure you've already been interested in a couple of films. And that's great! I suggest you immediately start exploring them on our website, because here you can enjoy Ultra HD quality in 2160p!

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Everything Everywhere All at Once 4K 2022
Someone can't get a handle on the taxation, and someone defeats the evil sprouting in all the multiverse. And that someone is Evelyn, who has gained access to other versions of herself. She faces a difficult journey through other worlds and an opportunity to sort out her family's problems.
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 4K 2022
America Chavez is a new heroine in Marvel's world, already patronized by Doctor Strange. After rescuing her from a giant octopus, he discovers that the girl can open portals to other worlds when she's terrified. The Doctor and his new acquaintance embark on a journey across the multiverse to keep the world safe from the evil that wants America's powers.
Happy Death Day 2U 4K 2019
Well, I want to go in with a trump card and no spoilers for the first part. This horror film will tell us about a student named Trish, her friend Ryan's science project and a maniac who is hunting her friends in a parallel universe. And even though the genre is "horror", you will be treated to a dynamic plot and a lot of humor. Will Trish be able to help all her friends or will she have to sacrifice something again?
Spider-Man: No Way Home 4K 2021
After Mysterio reveals Spider-Man's identity to everyone, Peter and his loved ones' lives are not just no longer the same, they are threatened. To protect his family, he asks Strange for help, but Strange refuses to let him do so in order not to upset the balance of the Universe. Parker then takes matters into his own hands, and for good reason, because after he opens new portals, new problems arise in the city.
Doctor Strange 4K 2016
Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon, but a terrible car accident puts an end to his career. Medicine is powerless in his case, but he doesn't give up and spends the last of his money on a journey. As he discovers new secrets in the Universe, he becomes a link between parallel universes and finds a new meaning to life.
Spider-Man Far from Home 4K 2019
Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer holiday to Europe. But not a day goes by when their sweet trip and walks in the waterways come to an end due to a creature appearing out of nowhere and destroying everything in its path. Peter can't resist his sense of justice and, along with his new friend Mysterio, rushes into action to save Venice from the coming disaster.
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 4K 2018
On your marks, get set, cartoon! We're all used to seeing Peter Parker as the canonical spider, but what if in parallel universes Peter doesn't look like himself at all? Get ready to see a bunch of different Parkers and the incredible Gwen, who, by the way, is still going to surprise everyone as a result of the huge collider.