Top 5 Cartoons in 4K Ultra HD from Disney

Top 5 Cartoons in 4K Ultra HD from Disney

The Walt Disney Company has been delighting both adults and children with unforgettable cartoons since 1923 and continues to excite the hearts and minds of viewers nowadays! However, this article will not be about the history of the formation of this legendary company and its creators. No, this article is about cartoons that many of us love to watch. And if you are not familiar with them yet, then let's get started as soon as possible, because on our website it is more pleasant to watch any movie in 4K quality!
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13-02-2022, 17:13
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Top 5 Cartoons in 4K Ultra HD from Disney
Encanto 4K 2021
The amazing Madrigal family lives in the mountains of Colombia in a place hidden from the whole world, whose name is Encanto. And this family is amazing and for a reason!

From childhood, each of the Madrigal clan inherits the magical power that a magic candle bestows, depending on the special talent of the person. However, the magic of the magical house bypasses only Mirabelle and doesn’t give her a talent.

The girl is forced to live in the shadow of her family. Until suddenly, at a holiday, she becomes a witness to a terrible thing and realizes that the magic of their home is in danger. Will she be able to save her family and keep the magic, I suggest you find out now!

Release year: 2021
Frozen II 4K 2019
In Arendelle, everyone lives a measured life, until suddenly a strange voice begins to sound from the forest, which only Elsa hears. She has not yet answered all the questions related to her magic and is afraid to take risks so as not to repeat the fate of her parents. However, magic descends from the forest into their fjord, forcing the inhabitants to leave their homes. As a queen, she cannot leave the inhabitants of her city and, together with her friends, goes on a dangerous journey to face the past and defeat what awaits her in a magical forest.

Release year: 2019
Tangled 4K 2010
This story is about a flower, a tower and a girl with incredibly long magical hair. This story is about Rapunzel, who lives in this tower almost from the moment of birth and did not leave it until she met Flynn Ryder.

Flynn is an ordinary thief who took refuge in the tower from the government securities. He meets Rapunzel and make a deal with her under the condition in which Flynn takes the girl to the city to look for the lights, and then returns home. But there is one thing: everyone in the city is looking for him. What other dangers will meet on the way of our heroes, you will find out soon!

Release year: 2010
The Princess and the Frog 4K 2009
New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, parades and gumbo soup. Tiana, a waitress, lives in a poor area of ​​the city. Since childhood, she dreamed of opening a restaurant, so now she works in a restaurant in the morning and in a bar in the evening in order to save up for a dream as soon as possible. Her friend Lottie, the daughter of the mayor, organizes a masquerade in honor of the arrival of the prince in their city, and at this masquerade Tiana meets a talking frog. The frog swears that he is the prince, and the impostor dances with Lottie. To expose him, the frog asks for a kiss and promises Tiana to fulfill her dream.

Release year: 2010
Frozen 4K 2013
Somewhere far away in the fjord by the sea is the small but very rich city of Arendelle, where the King and his wife rule.

After an accident that happened to one of their daughters - Anna, they go on a dangerous journey to find answers and help their children, but do not return. Responsibilities for governing the country fall on the eldest of the sisters - Elsa. After an accident and the loss of her parents, the girl closed herself in, considering herself dangerous, because since childhood she has had magical ice magic.

From an early age, she was taught to keep this secret, but at the coronation, the magic comes out, plunging the entire city into an endless winter. Frightened by her own strength, Elsa flees, leaving the whole city to her younger sister.

Release year: 2013