Hollywood, 1926. At a raucous party at a producer's mansion, an aspiring actress, Nellie Laroy, and a catering guy, Manny Torres, meet. The event is not only fun, but also good for both: Nelly gets
Having wasted eight of his nine lives and scared to death of the bounty hunter wolf coming after him, Puss in Boots heeds the doctor's advice and moves into the home of the local catwoman. There he
During a combat mission, one of the pilots is shot down over enemy territory. The command sees no need for a rescue operation. The pilot is faced with the choice of following orders or trying to
After the death of King T'Challa, Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M'Baku, Okoye, and Dora Milage fight to protect Wakanda from world powers. 4k movies reviews The film positions itself as a tribute to the now
5,000 years ago, Black Adam was empowered by the Egyptian gods and imprisoned. Now he is released from his tomb and prepares to show the world a unique approach to the fight for justice. Info Blu-ray
Four years have passed since the last attack by the maniac Michael Myers on the residents of the town of Haddonfield. Since the death of her daughter, Laurie Stode has been living with her
A former drug addict, whose girlfriend died because of a heroin overdose, decides to take revenge on the cartel responsible for the drug supply. 4k movies reviews Robert De Niro and in his almost
He did all kinds of work for the FBI. He didn't ask unnecessary questions and simply did his duty. But when the best agent decided to quit for his granddaughter, the agency turned him down. Now he is
New York, 1933. World War I veteran Burt Behrendsen runs a small clinic and helps war-traumatized troublemakers like himself. One day he and his best friend and fellow soldier, lawyer Harold Woodman,
Two gangsters Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield have philosophical conversations in between showdowns and dealing with the debtors of crime boss Marcellus Wallace. In the first story, Vincent spends an
1920s. Brothers Phil and George own Montana's largest ranch. Despite their kinship and their business together, they have little in common: Phil is rude, doesn't like to bathe, and never misses an
Six months after his father's death in a ridiculous accident, brother and sister, Ojai and Emerald, are trying to keep the family business - a ranch with horses for movie and commercial shoots -
9-11-2022, 19:37
Animation 4K
The mailman decides to answer some frequently asked questions about Santa Claus and tells the story of a little boy, Chris, who was left on the doorstep of Kringle's toy-making business. When Chris grew up, he wanted to deliver
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 33.44 GB
9-11-2022, 18:55
Animation 4K
An old silk hat is being fought over by a career-ending magician and a group of schoolchildren. After all, it's not just a hat, it helped bring the snowman to life. Realizing that the snowman will begin to melt in the spring,
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 16.70 GB
9-11-2022, 16:19
Drama 4K / Comedy 4K
A musical about singer and dancer Jim Hardy, who leaves show business to become a gentleman farmer in New England. However, farm life turns out to be too difficult and mundane for him, and, trying to "kill two birds with one
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 55.44 GB
8-11-2022, 16:05
Comedy 4K / Horror 4K
"The Cold War is over, but are all its consequences and inventions a thing of the past? A secret laboratory bred giant piranhas, capable of surviving in any climate. The base was closed, and the remaining fish, along with
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 59.52 GB
8-11-2022, 15:01
Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
Suddenly, on Christmas Eve, a boy who did not believe in the existence of Santa Claus gets the opportunity to visit him at the North Pole. While traveling on the Polar Express train, the young hero makes new friends and learns a
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 42.05 GB
7-11-2022, 18:49
Comedy 4K
The Grizwold household celebrates Christmas. A time when presents are given, hymns are sung, the lights of the Christmas tree are twinkling happily... But wait a minute: this Christmas tree isn't twinkling at all. It's on fire!
IMDB 7.5
SIZE 54.99 GB
7-11-2022, 14:45
Drama 4K
Hong Kong, 1962. Su and Chow rent adjoining rooms in the same apartment. Their spouses are away all the time. One day, Chou recognizes Su's purse given to her by her husband - his wife has one just like it. And Su recognizes
IMDB 8.1
SIZE 53.11 GB
7-11-2022, 13:44
Drama 4K
Rick Blaine, an American who has left his homeland and who owns a gambling club in Casablanca, meets his beloved Ilsa, who left him several years ago and came to the city with her husband, the anti-fascist resistance fighter
IMDB 8.5
SIZE 51.83 GB
5-11-2022, 17:07
Comedy 4K / Adventure 4K
Many years ago, a playful little boy hid in a Santa Claus sack and traveled to the far North Pole. Once among the elves, the poor kid was adopted by one of them, named Buddy, and now, years later, he's trying to establish himself
IMDB 7.0
SIZE 55.30 GB
5-11-2022, 16:00
Comedy 4K
Indiana, 1940. Nine-year-old Ralphie dreams of the perfect Christmas present--a real Red Rider two-hundred-shot air rifle. Grumpy daddy and caring mommy are naturally against it, believing that their precious sonny might hurt
IMDB 7.9
SIZE 51.48 GB
4-11-2022, 23:34
Horror 4K / Comedy 4K
Two teenagers, wheeling around the state's roads, call in to the radio and begin to poke fun, but at that moment they are overtaken by an all-consuming chainsaw in the hands of Leatherface. A shocked young anchorwoman hears their
IMDB 5.6
SIZE 58.28 GB
3-11-2022, 16:50
Drama 4K / Thrillers 4K
Recidivist Frank Morris is transferred to the high-security prison-island of Alcatraz. He had previously escaped from several other prisons. Noticing that the newcomer has a high IQ on the questionnaire, on his first day he is
IMDB 7.6
SIZE 74.65 GB