21-11-2022, 07:47
Thrillers 4K
Lola and Manny live in Berlin and are madly in love with each other. And when Manny, the little delivery boy for the big bandit, loses his boss's bag of money, only Lola can save him. But in order to get the not-so-small sum
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 43.14 GB
11-11-2022, 21:28
Thrillers 4K
It was supposed to be the perfect crime. Conceiving to rob a jewelry store, crime boss Joe Cabot gathered together six experienced and complete strangers to each other criminals. But from the beginning everything went wrong, and
IMDB 8.3
SIZE 55.81 GB
3-11-2022, 16:50
Thrillers 4K / Drama 4K
Recidivist Frank Morris is transferred to the high-security prison-island of Alcatraz. He had previously escaped from several other prisons. Noticing that the newcomer has a high IQ on the questionnaire, on his first day he is
IMDB 7.6
SIZE 74.65 GB
31-10-2022, 16:41
Thrillers 4K
A man who has lost his memory wakes up in a Mexican hospital. After learning that he has been targeted by a cartel, he strives to find out the truth as quickly as possible. 4k movies reviews Let's put our cards on the table.
IMDB 3.8
SIZE 50.67 GB
29-10-2022, 16:00
Thrillers 4K
Fired from the FBI for "excessive use of force," agent Mark Kaminsky works as a small-town sheriff. But when a man was needed to infiltrate the Chicago mob, Mark's former bosses decided that no one could do the job
IMDB 5.5
SIZE 69.88 GB
28-10-2022, 16:09
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
TV producer Max Renn, looking for fresh and original porn for his cable channel, accidentally stumbles upon "Videodrome," a show about sex and murder that comes out of nowhere, the repeated viewing of which corrupts not
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 60.19 GB
21-10-2022, 14:52
Thrillers 4K
From the distant future, policeman Jack Dez is sent to 1980s Los Angeles to track down the criminal Martin Whistler and bring him to the future. He will have to fight the transeurs, the zombie men the criminal is depriving of his
IMDB 6.0
SIZE 36.95 GB
20-10-2022, 17:39
Thrillers 4K
A fragile girl takes justice into her own hands after several scumbags decide to rob her grandparents and kill the grandmother as they go along. They did not know at the time that her granddaughter was a master of martial arts,
IMDB 5.3
SIZE 47.66 GB
15-10-2022, 05:50
Movies / Thrillers 4K / Comedy 4K
A mercenary codenamed God Cow goes on a new mission: instead of a sick colleague he has to get on the Tokyo-Kyoto high-speed train, steal a suitcase and get off at the intermediate station. But this simple task gets very
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 77.24 GB
12-10-2022, 21:05
Thrillers 4K
Fred Madison is accused of murdering his wife Renee and sentenced to death row. Shortly before his sentence is carried out, he mysteriously disappears from death row, and in his place is a confused and unaware Pete Dayton. How
IMDB 7.6
SIZE 83.20 GB
10-10-2022, 07:34
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
A sequel to the famous thriller about the ruthless maniac Michael Myers, who once again appears in the small American town of Haddonfield on the eve of the All Saints' Day holiday. 4k movies reviews Creating with Debra Hill
IMDB 4.7
SIZE 63.05 GB
10-10-2022, 06:13
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
Twenty years later, Laurie Strode is once again forced to wrestle with her past! For these years she has been living under an assumed name with her son John. But Michael Myers has suddenly returned to her life with a vengeance.
IMDB 5.8
SIZE 57.03 GB