2-10-2023, 21:40
Documentary 4K
The story of David Bowie, famous for his experiments in different musical genres and frequent changes of image, as well as his creative quest in other directions, primarily in the movie. Info Blu-ray Video Audio English: Dolby
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 82.67 GB
1-10-2023, 14:48
Horror 4K
Under cover of night, Cecilia flees from the high-tech house of her boyfriend Adrian, lulling him with sleeping pills and turning off the surveillance systems and alarms. Now the girl lives with a friend, is afraid to go out and
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 67.47 GB
1-10-2023, 11:52
Movies / Adventure 4K
The Little Mermaid Ariel, one of the daughters of the sea king Triton, is terribly interested in humanity. Despite her father's disapproval, she rises to the surface and rescues the shipwrecked Prince Eric. When Triton
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 65.64 GB
30-09-2023, 13:36
Adventure 4K / Drama 4K
1925. Major Fossett, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, leads an expedition into the Amazon jungle where he hopes to find the Inca capital, the mysterious City of Z.
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 83.08 GB
30-09-2023, 11:51
Adventure 4K / Drama 4K
Northern Great Plains, 1719. Naru, a Comanche girl, wants more than anything to be a good hunter, but her family does not take her passion seriously. When a group of experienced hunters goes into the forest in search of a
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 51.07 GB
28-09-2023, 22:36
Movies / Adventure 4K
A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home. User Reviews The best blockbuster in years - the master is back! It
IMDB 7.9
SIZE 78.34 GB
26-09-2023, 10:28
Horror 4K
In the family of a famous actress comes trouble - her underage daughter begins to behave in an inadequate manner. The mother believes that this is a consequence of her personal tragedy, doctors suspect mental illness, but cannot
IMDB 8.1
SIZE 77.90 GB
25-09-2023, 20:24
Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
A new crime fighter appears in Gotham - Phantasm, who, unlike Batman, simply kills criminals. Mafia bosses Chuckie Saul and Buzz Bronsky - members of the old gang, which had been operating in the city before the Bat-Man appeared,
IMDB 7.8
SIZE 28.52 GB
25-09-2023, 20:03
Horror 4K / Thrillers 4K
After a sexual encounter, a 19-year-old girl named Jay begins to be plagued by strange visions and an overwhelming feeling that someone or something is watching her. Info Blu-ray Video Codec: HEVC / H.265 (63.3 Mb/s) Resolution:
IMDB 6.8
SIZE 48.26 GB
24-09-2023, 00:33
Adventure 4K / Thrillers 4K
Barney, Christmas and the rest of the team come face-to-face with Conrad Stonebanks, who years earlier founded the Unstoppable team with Barney. Stonebanks subsequently becomes a ruthless arms dealer and thus becomes the man
IMDB 6.1
SIZE 78.46 GB
23-09-2023, 23:12
Comedy 4K
Having received a promotion, the brave gendarme Crouchot arrives in the cozy resort town of Saint-Tropez with his beautiful daughter Nicole. The kind but understated local gendarmes gladly accept Crouchot into their circle. But
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 48.30 GB
21-09-2023, 12:38
Adventure 4K / Thrillers 4K
Team Unstoppable is back! This time Barney Ross and his team get a new assignment: to retrieve a briefcase from a crashed airplane somewhere in Albania. However, none of them suspected that such a simple task could actually turn
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 54.30 GB