13-12-2021, 13:29
Movies / Drama 4K / Comedy 4K
1987 year. Jordan Belfort becomes a broker for a successful investment bank. The bank closes shortly after the sudden collapse of the Dow Jones. On the advice of his wife Teresa, Jordan gets a job in a small institution that
IMDB 8.2
SIZE 78.87 GB
10-12-2021, 02:47
Drama 4K / Comedy 4K
A story about a demon who seeks out naughty children during Christmas to punish them. 4k movies reviews I consider the film Krampus, directed by Michael Dougherty, to be a good representative of the horror comedy genre, while the
IMDB 6.2
SIZE 68.61 GB
7-12-2021, 23:51
Comedy 4K / Animation 4K
Every child should have a friend. A real pet, not some kind of pet. Such a best friend can be a wonderful robot that can move, speak, but most importantly, it is connected to the Internet and helps its owner to publish on social
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 49.33 GB
5-12-2021, 14:53
Comedy 4K
Since childhood, Lindy has suffered from uncontrollable outbursts of aggression, or rather, those around her suffer. The girl spent almost her entire life in various clinics, studied by various specialists, and the only thing
IMDB 5.6
SIZE 50.55 GB
27-11-2021, 13:58
Comedy 4K
A black comedy about a colorful family living in an equally colorful house. The head of the family, Gomez Addams, is a very self-confident and rather impulsive type who, a quarter of a century ago, had a terrible fight with his
IMDB 6.9
SIZE 52.74 GB
23-11-2021, 14:01
Comedy 4K / Adventure 4K
Hiding in Rome, King Arthur plans his return to confront the army of his former friend Lancelot. 4k movies reviews After 10 years of absence Kaamelott is back with the perfect sequels. You get to see again all the characters you
IMDB 6.9
SIZE 57.97 GB
23-11-2021, 13:34
Drama 4K / Comedy 4K
Bridget Jones starts a diary to describe her achievements and victories: how she will get rid of extra pounds and bad habits, as well as improve her personal life. Parents want to marry her to the neighbors' son, the modest
IMDB 6.7
SIZE 44.93 GB
22-11-2021, 23:37
Comedy 4K / Animation 4K
A private detective is investigating a mysterious crime in which he is suspected ... the cartoon character Roger the rabbit! The detective finds himself in an unpredictable world, where painted villains with real revolvers, a
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 56.49 GB
20-10-2021, 12:26
Movies / Comedy 4K / Adventure 4K
Having selected the most promising prisoners from a prison that contains not only the most dangerous criminals, but also people with supernormal abilities, and not even people, a government agent sends them on a suicide mission
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 76.94 GB
18-10-2021, 19:54
Thrillers 4K / Comedy 4K
This quest blew up the darknet in 2012. Only a select few can pass it - those who will solve the riddles scattered around the world. The goal of the test is to find people with truly high intelligence. The authors - anonymous
IMDB 5.0
SIZE 56.10 GB
4-10-2021, 06:44
Movies / Comedy 4K / Animation 4K
To save his son, the famous NBA champion goes to a fairy-tale world, where, as a team of toons, he is forced to fight on a basketball court with digital copies of famous players. 4k movies reviews Well what can I say, even if
IMDB 4.4
SIZE 56.69 GB
2-10-2021, 08:10
Movies / Comedy 4K / Adventure 4K
Having obtained an invaluable map of the upper reaches of the Amazon by cunning and considerable dexterity, the lively archaeologist Lily Houghton sets out on an expedition to find a magical tree, the flower of which, according
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 60.20 GB