26-03-2023, 13:17
Adventure 4K
Captain Kirk falls into a space vortex. Seventy-five years later, the descendants of the star travelers stumble upon the same vortex and encounter a madman, a destroyer, scouring the paths of the stars in search of immortality.
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 55.04 GB
24-03-2023, 05:30
Adventure 4K
After the wedding of Commander William Riker and Councilor Diana Troy, the crew of the USS Enterprise detects a positronic signal on a planet near the Neutral Zone, where they find the B-4, a less perfect prototype android
IMDB 6.4
SIZE 53.52 GB
23-03-2023, 23:12
Adventure 4K
Since the founding of the Federation, the General Directive has been clear: "No Starfleet expedition shall interfere with the natural development of other civilizations. This time, the brave Picard was faced with an order
IMDB 6.4
SIZE 54.58 GB
18-03-2023, 14:11
Adventure 4K
A ruthless dragon regularly devours the girls of the kingdom, chosen by lot. A young blond wizard's apprentice bravely defies the dragon for the sake of his beloved and other beauties who may fall prey to the monster. 4k
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 48.28 GB
17-03-2023, 16:34
Adventure 4K
Geophysicist Josh Keyes has made a shocking discovery: the core of the earth has stopped rotating. The electromagnetic field of our planet is collapsing, and soon the Earth will die. There is only one hope: Keeze and a team of
IMDB 5.5
SIZE 55.02 GB
12-03-2023, 15:00
Adventure 4K / Animation 4K
This story took place at the dawn of civilization in ancient Egypt. The rushing and majestic Nile carried a baby basket to the shore in front of Pharaoh's palace. The mighty ruler adopted the tiny boy and gave him the name
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 48.69 GB
6-03-2023, 19:09
Adventure 4K / Animation 4K
Together with a family of funny monsters, an orphan boy lives in the underground catacombs. His clothes are now replaced by an ordinary box, but every night he can walk around the dark city and inspire fear in the ordinary
IMDB 6.8
SIZE 66.32 GB
5-03-2023, 18:59
Adventure 4K
A black heart beats in the chest of the young king Ayton, who sows lawlessness and evil around him. The king's mentor, Old Testament knight Bowin, sets out to find and kill the dragon he believes to be responsible for
IMDB 6.4
SIZE 66.53 GB
5-03-2023, 18:30
Adventure 4K / Animation 4K
Kubo is the heir to a great family, but when the spirits of the past returned, eager for revenge, only a strange pair of guardians dared to stand in his defense. Now Kubo's only chance for salvation is to find the magical
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 70.58 GB
16-02-2023, 12:53
Adventure 4K / Western 4K
In a small village, peasants have suffered for years from the outrages of local bandits. Their leader, Culver, terrorizes the whole neighborhood, tormenting the villagers with constant extortions and punishments. One day, the
IMDB 7.7
SIZE 83.34 GB
9-02-2023, 18:25
Comedy 4K / Adventure 4K
The beautiful Abigail arrives at her stepfather Dr. Arcane's laboratory to learn the secret of her mother's death. Unfortunately, Arcane is bent on taking her life to create his immortality formula. Abigail's
IMDB 4.6
SIZE 50.77 GB
6-02-2023, 21:20
Comedy 4K / Adventure 4K
Barry had no authority with his classmates. First, he was not physically strong because of his asthma, which plagued him with terrible attacks. Second, he was weak in spirit, too, not always daring to respond to an abuser. And
IMDB 5.1
SIZE 57.41 GB