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In this amazing video you will find a bird box and bird video for cats with amazing bird sounds and hungry birds with angry birds in 8K resolution with chirping birds and bird names.

It is estimated that there are about 18,000 species of birds on our planet and all of them have an undeniable natural beauty given their characteristics.
Nevertheless, a few stand out more than others with their colors, resulting in the most beautiful birds in the world, such as the free bird lynyrd skynyrd.

A free bird, but what is the most beautiful bird in the world? Most of the birds in this world are beautiful. However, some species definitely have amazing characteristics that would surpass the rest. Here is a list of 8K VIDEO of the most beautiful birds in the world, such as the bluebird or lovebirds.

These beautiful creatures evolved about 150 to 200 million years ago from Jurassic bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs. The evolution of birds has been amazing. A list would not be enough to name every single beautiful bird that exists on the planet, in this list we present to you the 6 most beautiful birds in the world.

The bird box challenge is a new way to have fun.
bird word and birds of prey.

You will also see funny bird videos with birds of prey.
According to lovers of these beautiful species, the quetzal is the most beautiful bird on the planet and is unfortunately endangered. This bird has been sacred and revered in Mexico for centuries by the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs. They used the green steering feathers of male quetzal, which measured about 70 centimeters, to decorate their clothing.

There are more than just humans living on Earth 8K. If I ask you a question, what is the most beautiful bird on earth? It is a little difficult to answer because all birds seem beautiful and majestic. Let me ask you another question, what are the strangest looking birds among the entire feathered family? There are about 10,000 species of birds on Earth. So, here we are listing the most beautiful birds among all the beautiful birds living on our planet.

The golden pheasant is considered as the most beautiful bird in the world. The most prominent feature of the bird is the golden with reddish plumage on its head. The name of the bird comes from this feature alone. The male golden pheasant is more colorful than the female. They are usually found in western and central China. Also known as the Chinese pheasant, which is mainly found in the mountainous forests of western and central China.

The scarlet ara is usually found in Central and South America. It belongs to the ara family. The parrot is the most colorful parrot in the world. It has red plumage with a blue back. The upper wings of the scarlet ara are mostly yellow. They are also edged with green color. The scarlet ara is also among the most intelligent birds in the world. They can easily learn words, sounds and tricks. Here we have also listed the best songbirds in the world.

Flamingos are found in every continent except Antarctica. They used to live in large families like polar bears. They have beautiful purple plumage. There are about six different species of flamingo birds in the world. The color of the bird is usually due to the diet they eat. Their diet includes artemia, plankton and blue-green algae. Also read about the highest flying birds in the world.
Blue jays are known for being intelligent, beautiful and very aggressive.
The hyacinth ara also belongs to the ara family. They are one of the largest of all parrots in the world, measuring 100 centimeters in length. They are also among the endangered species among the beautiful birds. The main reason is due to hunting and habitat loss. They are mostly found in the north of Brazil. They are also among the most beautiful parrots in the world.

They are the largest species of parrot covered in bright blue plumage, although their black eyes are bare yellow. They also have a yellow wattle and a strongly hooked beak. Parrot species like to eat a lot of seeds and drop even more, thus creating most of the growth in the forest. The species is endangered due to the pet trade and excessive habitat loss.
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