Having settled in Green Hills, Sonic strives to prove that he has all the makings of a real hero. And the hero's test doesn't take long: the villainous Dr. Robotnik is plotting again. This time with
After the death of her archeologist husband, Loretta Sage hid from society and began to write quite popular love-adventure novels. The events in them unfold in exotic places, and the companion of the
Doctor Strange, with the help of Wong, saves a teenage girl named America Chavez from a giant octopus, who, when startled, can open portals to parallel universes. Trying to keep his new friend safe
In the not-too-distant future, a race of aliens invades Earth. No army in the world can stand against them. Major William Cage dies in combat, but the impossible happens - he finds himself in a time
Professor Albus Dumbledore learns that the powerful dark wizard Gellert Green-de-Wald plans to take over the world. Realizing that he cannot stop him alone, Dumbledore asks magozoologist Newt
The once-in-demand actor Nicolas Cage is going through a prolonged midlife crisis: his career demands a comeback; his ex-wife and 16-year-old daughter are tired of his inflated ego; the hotel where
Michael Morbius has suffered from a rare blood disorder since childhood and has spent his entire conscious life searching for a cure. At some point, Michael sees a possible salvation in the blood of
Late ninth century, a small island in the North Atlantic. King Orvandil, seriously wounded, returns from a campaign to his wife Gudrun and young son Amlet. Dreaming of going off to another battle and
Ex-military man Will Sharp desperately needs money for experimental surgery for his terminally ill wife. He enlists the help of his criminal half-brother, Danny, and he drags him into a bank robbery.
After two years of seeking justice on the streets of Gotham, Batman becomes the epitome of ruthless vengeance. When a series of brutal attacks on high-ranking officials in the city, evidence leads
Nathan Drake hasn't seen his older brother Sam in 15 years since he ran away from the orphanage. The lad is working as a bartender and is out doing petty theft when Victor Sullivan, nicknamed Sully,
Toronto, 2002. Active and cheerful 13-year-old Meilin tries her best to be the first in everything in order to please her strict, overprotective mother. The girl's family lives at the temple and
11-08-2022, 18:07
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
The year 2047. A rescue spacecraft is sent to the edge of the solar system to find out what happened to the crew of the first starship designed to travel at superluminal speed and disappear without a trace. Suddenly it was
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 59.46 GB
10-08-2022, 16:43
Horror 4K
The year is 2045. After a call for help is received from the distant Alduai Science Laboratory, a squad of space special forces arrives on Mars and discovers the defeated station. It soon becomes clear that humans are being
IMDB 5.2
SIZE 53.30 GB
10-08-2022, 12:21
Horror 4K / Thrillers 4K
Andy is now 16 years old and in training at Kent Military School. And businessman Peter Haskell resumes production of dolls. And the first to come off the assembly line is the unforgettable Chucky, possessed by the spirit of the
IMDB 5.1
SIZE 58.61 GB
10-08-2022, 02:58
Horror 4K / Thrillers 4K
Andy, the boy Chucky tried to possess in the first episode, ends up in foster care (the boy's birth mother has been declared mentally ill). He still has nightmares about Chucky. Meanwhile, a firm producing red-haired toy dolls,
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 56.29 GB
9-08-2022, 22:48
Horror 4K / Thrillers 4K
No one believed six-year-old Andy Barclay when he told him his new doll named Chucky was alive. And when the boy's nanny was killed by falling out a window, he told his mother and the investigator the plain truth: "Chucky
IMDB 6.6
SIZE 54.97 GB
4-08-2022, 00:54
Movies / Adventure 4K / Comedy 4K
Having settled in Green Hills, Sonic strives to prove that he has all the makings of a real hero. And the hero's test doesn't take long: the villainous Dr. Robotnik is plotting again. This time with his mysterious partner
IMDB 6.5
SIZE 50.65 GB
2-08-2022, 20:17
Drama 4K
Neal McCauley is one of the best criminals in Los Angeles. He is up against the best detective Vincent Hanna. The two strongest teams go up against each other in a deadly battle. 4k movies reviews A milestone in the history of
IMDB 8.3
SIZE 57.59 GB
2-08-2022, 16:23
Horror 4K
A top-secret research center received a DNA formula from outer space, which was reproduced and crossed with a woman's DNA. The result was a child, a girl who grew by leaps and bounds. And not even by the hour, but by the minutes.
IMDB 5.8
SIZE 70.10 GB
1-08-2022, 19:26
Thrillers 4K
London gangster Jack Carter arrives in his native Newcastle, in the north of England, for the funeral of his brother Frank. According to the police, the brother had been drinking heavily and was involved in a car accident.
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 72.72 GB
1-08-2022, 17:11
Drama 4K / Western 4K
The story of teenager Rio, who becomes an unwitting witness to the bloody war between legendary Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid Kid and violent sheriff Pat Garrett. 4k movies reviews My sincere love of the genre has always been
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 44.08 GB
1-08-2022, 16:46
Thrillers 4K
The film is set in a not-too-distant utopian future where the highest advances in nanotechnology have allowed technological genius Ken Castle to fuse a video game with a reality show and simulate the ultra-functional, multiplayer
IMDB 5.7
SIZE 42.18 GB
31-07-2022, 15:03
Adventure 4K
The modern world hides many secrets, but the most surprising of them is that witches still live among us. These are evil supernatural beings whose goal is to send the deadly plague to the world. The Last Witch Hunter 2015 year
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 51.95 GB