1-12-2019, 12:25
Horror 4K
A wild woman sends her ward, the same wild girl, to people in the hospital. She at first is afraid of everything, but soon relaxes and begins to trust others. The manager of the local Catholic orphanage decides to turn the
IMDB 4.9
SIZE 41.45 GB
26-11-2019, 15:59
Horror 4K
Young American Susie arrives in Germany to study dance skills at the prestigious Munich ballet school. For some reason, on the night of her arrival, they didn’t let her in, but she saw a girl run out of the building, who was
IMDB 7.4
SIZE 65.05 GB
31-10-2019, 19:05
Horror 4K
Halloween 1968. High school student Stella, a big lover of scary stories, and her two friends dress up in ridiculous costumes and go for a walk. It so happens that the guys get rid of the school bully and the bully Tommy and,
IMDB 6.3
SIZE 59.07 GB
8-10-2019, 23:33
Horror 4K
Three famous maniacs miraculously survived a brutal shootout with the police, and after that everyone went to serve their sentence. Captain Spaulding was executed, and Otis, with the help of his brother, managed to escape and now
IMDB 6.0
SIZE 65.47 GB
30-09-2019, 19:04
Horror 4K
The charming fluffy animal Maguy is able to touch even a stone. In addition, he has absolute pitch. Just be careful: it can die from sunlight, you can’t spray it with water, and what will happen if you feed it after midnight,
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 52.39 GB
29-09-2019, 21:00
Horror 4K
The main character - Jack Torrens - came to an elegant secluded hotel to work as a caretaker during the dead of the season with his wife and son. Torrence has never been here before. Or is it not quite so? The answer lies in the
IMDB 8.4
SIZE 81.90 GB
23-09-2019, 18:45
Horror 4K
Old films in the new 4K processing, revising these films you will feel something new. All 4k ultra hd full movies are available for download. 1955, New York. To a private detective, Harry Angel turns a certain Louis Cypher with a
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 71.29 GB
9-09-2019, 14:58
Horror 4K
New and top full movies are available for download in 4k ultra hd. 2019 year. The global epidemic has turned most people into vampires, putting humanity on the brink of extinction. A serene future does not shine, however, for
IMDB 6.4
SIZE 58.32 GB
19-08-2019, 20:31
Horror 4K
Brightburn is a new movie in 2019, watch and download 4k trailer. A married couple of farmers Tori and Kyle have long and unsuccessfully tried to have a baby when suddenly a capsule with a baby falls from space into a nearby
IMDB 6.2
SIZE 48.42 GB
15-08-2019, 18:11
Horror 4K
Hurry up to watch the last part of the film Resident Evil. Watch true 4k videos for every taste. The film takes place from the moment at which the previous part ended. After Wesker betrayed Alice in Washington, the end of human
IMDB 5.5
SIZE 52.60 GB
1-08-2019, 17:11
Horror 4K
Every day the list of 4k blu ray films is replenished, today it is replenished with the film Dont Look Now. Spouses Laura and John Baxter lost their daughter. To forget his own grief and possibly restore a delicate balance in a
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 70.94 GB
3-07-2019, 14:58
Horror 4K
Popular writer Stephen King wrote the Pet Cemetery in 1989. And today you can watch a new version of a terrific horror movie, you can download all 4k material on our website 4K-hd.club. The family of Luis Creed moved into a rural
IMDB 6.0
SIZE 57.59 GB