18-06-2021, 19:06
Horror 4K
He has power and strength. He must deal with the criminal world. Scanner becomes an LA police officer only for good to triumph over evil. 4k movies reviews I stumbled upon this film countless times, but the viewing was delayed.
IMDB 5.2
SIZE 58.49 GB
16-06-2021, 12:29
Horror 4K
Los Angeles Police Officer Sam Steziak uses all his extraordinary psychic scanner abilities to track down criminals and hide them behind bars. On his way stands Karl Volkin, a scanner, drinking life juices, from other psychic
IMDB 4.8
SIZE 57.89 GB
14-05-2021, 20:54
Drama 4K / Horror 4K
Phoenix was born into a circus family. His father Orgo was a knife thrower, and his mother Koncha was an acrobat. One day, a woman saw Orgo meeting a young tattooed woman. In a fit of jealousy, Koncha threw acid in her husband's
IMDB 7.6
SIZE 57.06 GB
10-05-2021, 22:33
Horror 4K
Two strangers wake up in a basement, where a man lies with a bullet in his head and a pistol in his hand. They are chained and do not know how they got there. The voice from the found tape tells one of them to choose - to kill a
IMDB 7.6
SIZE 57.24 GB
1-05-2021, 05:45
Movies / Horror 4K
1943, the height of the Second World War. Female officer Maud Garrett with a secret cargo gets into the American bomber B-17 "Flying Fortress" and immediately becomes the object of ridicule. The captain orders her to
IMDB 4.8
SIZE 52.21 GB
18-03-2021, 13:20
Horror 4K
While escaping from an asylum for the mentally ill, four teenagers kidnap a young nurse. In pursuit of them, a detachment of policemen starts up, led by the Texas ranger Hal Hartman, vengeful and merciless. One of the fugitives
IMDB 5.0
SIZE 54.73 GB
16-03-2021, 14:36
Horror 4K
One day, a simple construction worker Nade, who is not very lucky in life, finds unusual sunglasses. Having put them on, he gets the opportunity to see the world as it is. Reality is scary! It turns out that the government and
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 56.02 GB
15-03-2021, 12:53
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
The streets of Los Angeles seem quiet and safe, but they are not. The serial killer, scalping his victims, goes hunting again. During the day, Frank is the quiet owner of a mannequin restoration workshop, and at night - a
IMDB 6.1
SIZE 43.43 GB
14-03-2021, 22:34
Horror 4K
The devil himself is embodied in the image of a fatal and dangerous girl - Perdita Durango. Durango in the language of the Indians is "cocky". Evil attracts evil, and Perdita finds a partner - Romeo Dolorosa, a real
IMDB 6.3
SIZE 56.96 GB
9-03-2021, 21:38
Horror 4K
A group of researchers, while studying an abandoned church, finds an unusual vessel. Using X-rays, they manage to determine that the vessel is about 7 million years old and, most interestingly, it can only be opened from the
IMDB 6.7
SIZE 60.30 GB
6-03-2021, 05:22
Movies / Horror 4K
The girl Sam comes to get a job at the funeral home, where the ceremony of remembrance of the deceased boy has just taken place. The eccentric undertaker Montgomery Dark assures that every deceased has an interesting story, and
IMDB 6.5
SIZE 67.63 GB
26-02-2021, 13:44
Horror 4K
A girl named Sally is having a party tonight - friends, music, drinks. But in the midst of the fun, someone turns on the TV, which is broadcasting about demons. Then the incredible happens - the demon from the movie enters
IMDB 6.0
SIZE 57.11 GB