14-03-2022, 16:56
Horror 4K
Beautiful student Jennifer Corvino is sent by her parents to a prestigious women's boarding school in Switzerland. Soon it turns out that the girl is a sleepwalker, walking around at night while someone kills her friends with an
IMDB 6.7
SIZE 78.72 GB
25-02-2022, 11:33
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
The baby alligator was flushed down the toilet and found its way into the underground sewer system. Feeding on the bodies of animals that had been hormonally experimented on, it grew to enormous size. Next in its diet were the
IMDB 6.0
SIZE 51.96 GB
23-02-2022, 14:26
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
Summer camp for teenagers. The counselors and children sit around a campfire and, as usual, tell scary stories. Max is the last one to speak. He tells them that not far from the camp, beyond the woods, there once lived an
IMDB 5.2
SIZE 57.38 GB
11-02-2022, 20:40
Drama 4K / Horror 4K
A childless couple of farmers live in the foggy Icelandic wilderness. One day, one of their sheep brings a mysterious creature, which the couple take into the house and decide to raise as their own child. 4k movies reviews Well,
IMDB 6.3
SIZE 50.31 GB
10-02-2022, 12:38
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
September 30, 1998. Claire Redfield returns to her native Raccoon City, where she ran away a few years ago as a child. Then, after the loss of her parents, she and her brother lived in a local orphanage sponsored by the
IMDB 5.2
SIZE 48.08 GB
5-02-2022, 14:42
Drama 4K / Horror 4K
Private detective Kindaichi is brought in to prevent a family tragedy involving the division of the Inugami family's vast inheritance. The detective shows amazing resourcefulness, but his efforts cannot prevent the murders that
IMDB 7.0
SIZE 81.67 GB
3-02-2022, 19:32
Horror 4K
Terrible events take place in the year 2127 at the Minos space station, Doctor Merchant, obsessed with some strange, crazy ideas, captured the station in order to put his mysterious experiments into practice, the Doctor was
IMDB 5.1
SIZE 31.58 GB
29-01-2022, 12:37
Comedy 4K / Horror 4K
Andy, Chris and Brad travel across Europe in search of adventure. They find them in Paris when one night Andy prevents the suicide of a young Frenchwoman, Seraphine, and goes with his friends in search of this beautiful
IMDB 5.1
SIZE 53.89 GB
28-01-2022, 11:03
Comedy 4K / Horror 4K
A conscientious cop dies in the line of duty while trying to expose a gang of scientists who reanimate corpses, who then fearlessly rob banks. Having accidentally undergone the same processing, the dead policeman brings the
IMDB 6.0
SIZE 55.67 GB
20-01-2022, 21:13
Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
A sleepwalker roams an apartment building and kills its tenants using work tools... 4k movies reviews It was on this film that the eminent creator of the American horror Tobe Hooper would later shoot his remake. Of course, the
IMDB 5.3
SIZE 55.86 GB
20-01-2022, 10:18
Movies / Drama 4K / Horror 4K
Young provincial Eloise is crazy about the 1960s. She lived all her life with her grandmother, but now she is going to study in London as a fashion designer. Unable to adapt to the noisy life in the hostel, the girl moves to a
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 54.78 GB
13-01-2022, 09:04
Movies / Thrillers 4K / Horror 4K
2018, Halloween. Lori Strode, her daughter Karen and granddaughter Allison lured Michael Myers into a trap and left him burning in the basement of their house. The injured Laurie is sent to the hospital, but Michael manages to
IMDB 5.6
SIZE 60.81 GB