8-09-2022, 08:22
Adventure 4K
After the explosion of Praxis, one of the moons of Kronos, which destroyed almost all of the Klingons' livelihoods, the conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire ended. It's time for peace talks, but as it turns out,
IMDB 7.2
SIZE 65.81 GB
1-09-2022, 10:45
Adventure 4K
San Francisco. The not-too-distant future. A cargo ship returns from Hong Kong with a mysterious passenger named Toby Wong. He has escaped from the underground Leung Corporation in search of freedom in the West. Toby, however,
IMDB 6.7
SIZE 72.00 GB
26-08-2022, 16:01
Movies / Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
The story of the adventures of the legendary space ranger Buzz Lightyear. 4k movies reviews The first thing to note, including from reading the reviews above, is that Buzz Lightyear from 'Toy Story' and Buzz Lightyear from his
IMDB 5.8
SIZE 42.17 GB
18-08-2022, 08:43
Movies / Adventure 4K
After the destruction of Nublar Island, dinosaurs broke free and filled the planet. Humans manage to maintain the delicate balance that defines peaceful coexistence on Earth. But how long can humans maintain their dominance while
IMDB 5.7
SIZE 68.26 GB
4-08-2022, 00:54
Movies / Adventure 4K / Comedy 4K
Having settled in Green Hills, Sonic strives to prove that he has all the makings of a real hero. And the hero's test doesn't take long: the villainous Dr. Robotnik is plotting again. This time with his mysterious partner
IMDB 6.5
SIZE 50.65 GB
31-07-2022, 15:03
Adventure 4K
The modern world hides many secrets, but the most surprising of them is that witches still live among us. These are evil supernatural beings whose goal is to send the deadly plague to the world. The Last Witch Hunter 2015 year
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 51.95 GB
27-07-2022, 16:01
Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
John Stewart, an Earthling, is given a high-tech ring that allows him to fly and create objects with his mind. John discovers that the Green Lantern Corps needs help and, enlisting the support of some members of the Justice
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 33.37 GB
25-07-2022, 13:00
Movies / Comedy 4K / Adventure 4K
After the death of her archeologist husband, Loretta Sage hid from society and began to write quite popular love-adventure novels. The events in them unfold in exotic places, and the companion of the main character is invariably
IMDB 6.1
SIZE 50.09 GB
18-07-2022, 13:50
Adventure 4K / Drama 4K
Tom Campbell runs into a police box to report a theft, but finds himself in the TARDIS, a time-traveling ship. Together with its master, Doctor Who, they travel to the year 2150. The future turns out to be sad, as the planet is
IMDB 5.9
SIZE 60.02 GB
13-07-2022, 02:02
Animation 4K / Adventure 4K
Nothing brings a family together like a minor setback. Bob's humble diner has new competitors, and now the owner has to literally go out of his way to stay afloat. An unexpected help for Bob may be his own wayward offspring, who
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 54.82 GB
6-07-2022, 02:26
Movies / Adventure 4K
Doctor Strange, with the help of Wong, saves a teenage girl named America Chavez from a giant octopus, who, when startled, can open portals to parallel universes. Trying to keep his new friend safe from an evil force that wants
IMDB 7.1
SIZE 56.27 GB
5-07-2022, 14:44
Adventure 4K / Drama 4K
The Mirando Corporation created unusual piglets and distributed them to farmers around the world. For ten years the giant experimental pig, Occha, was the best friend of the girl Mi-ja, they lived peacefully in the South Korean
IMDB 7.3
SIZE 67.11 GB