A couple of models, Karl and Yaya, go on a luxury yacht cruise in the company of rich passengers, where they meet a Russian businessman, a British arms manufacturer, and an IT genius. The ship's
Hollywood, 1926. At a raucous party at a producer's mansion, an aspiring actress, Nellie Laroy, and a catering guy, Manny Torres, meet. The event is not only fun, but also good for both: Nelly gets
Having wasted eight of his nine lives and scared to death of the bounty hunter wolf coming after him, Puss in Boots heeds the doctor's advice and moves into the home of the local catwoman. There he
During a combat mission, one of the pilots is shot down over enemy territory. The command sees no need for a rescue operation. The pilot is faced with the choice of following orders or trying to
After the death of King T'Challa, Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M'Baku, Okoye, and Dora Milage fight to protect Wakanda from world powers. 4k movies reviews The film positions itself as a tribute to the now
5,000 years ago, Black Adam was empowered by the Egyptian gods and imprisoned. Now he is released from his tomb and prepares to show the world a unique approach to the fight for justice. Info Blu-ray
Four years have passed since the last attack by the maniac Michael Myers on the residents of the town of Haddonfield. Since the death of her daughter, Laurie Stode has been living with her
A former drug addict, whose girlfriend died because of a heroin overdose, decides to take revenge on the cartel responsible for the drug supply. 4k movies reviews Robert De Niro and in his almost
He did all kinds of work for the FBI. He didn't ask unnecessary questions and simply did his duty. But when the best agent decided to quit for his granddaughter, the agency turned him down. Now he is
New York, 1933. World War I veteran Burt Behrendsen runs a small clinic and helps war-traumatized troublemakers like himself. One day he and his best friend and fellow soldier, lawyer Harold Woodman,
Two gangsters Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield have philosophical conversations in between showdowns and dealing with the debtors of crime boss Marcellus Wallace. In the first story, Vincent spends an
1920s. Brothers Phil and George own Montana's largest ranch. Despite their kinship and their business together, they have little in common: Phil is rude, doesn't like to bathe, and never misses an
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Drama 4K
1900. On a rainy Vienna night, the successful pianist Stefan Brand returns home to pack up and leave town. By doing so, he wants to avoid the morning duel to which he has been summoned for fighting. The servant John hands Stefan
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Drama 4K
Three soldiers of the UAE army are ambushed by the enemy in their territory. They miraculously survive, but they can't hold their positions for long. Their commander comes to their aid. 4k movies reviews This film is set at the
IMDB 6.4
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Drama 4K
A young woman kills her rapist and dumps his corpse into the sea. Soon a mysterious American shows up and starts a cat-and-mouse game with her, trying to get her to confess to the murder. 4k movies reviews your eyes are the eyes
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28-03-2023, 13:15
Movies / Comedy 4K / Drama 4K
A couple of models, Karl and Yaya, go on a luxury yacht cruise in the company of rich passengers, where they meet a Russian businessman, a British arms manufacturer, and an IT genius. The ship's captain is a Marxist who is on a
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Horror 4K / Thrillers 4K
Newlyweds Jamie and Lisa receive a package with no return address, which contains a ventriloquist doll. That same evening, something brutally kills Lisa, and Jamie, being the prime suspect, decides to look into her mysterious
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Drama 4K
The story covers twelve years of Mason's life (from his first year of high school to his first day of college) and is made up of small episodes showing growing up and relationships with the parents of a child, a teenager, a young
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27-03-2023, 15:21
Adventure 4K
Envoys from a hostile alien civilization infiltrate the past, and humanity's first contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence, capable of ushering in a new space age, is threatened with failure. The crew of the legendary
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27-03-2023, 14:56
Drama 4K
One night Luke, drunk, decided to have some fun and used a gas wrench to screw a dozen pennies into a parking lot, for which he got two years of road construction work in the Southern states. Back during the war he had tested his
IMDB 8.1
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26-03-2023, 13:17
Adventure 4K
Captain Kirk falls into a space vortex. Seventy-five years later, the descendants of the star travelers stumble upon the same vortex and encounter a madman, a destroyer, scouring the paths of the stars in search of immortality.
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Drama 4K
An alien arrives on Earth in search of water for his drought-stricken planet. 4k movies reviews By 1976, when Nicholas Rogue's "The Man Who Fell to Earth" was released, humanity had had time to venture repeatedly into
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Drama 4K
The German Empire, 1917. The patriotic 19-year-old Paul Boehmer and his classmates volunteer for the front, where they will experience the horrors of World War I. 4k movies reviews Remarque's book is one of my favorite works,
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Thrillers 4K
Wesley Gibson is a nerd and a whiner, stuck in the office all day. His boss humiliates him, his girlfriend cheats on him. His life is going nowhere! After discovering that his father, who abandoned him in his early childhood, was
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